Camerons Journal Episode 6


From the Journal of Cameron Tam

How does one deal with the death of a friend? I did realize how much Susanna had become a part of my life until she was gone. She was bright, jovial, and a voice of reason many times in the chemical mixture that is my compatriots. She has become an example for how I should direct my own life – to protect those who cannot protect themselves from the evils of this world.

She who took Susanna’s life lies dead, and the foul creature behind her lies revealed. Yet I feel…empty. She deserved better, and vengeance seems hollow.

Her inspiration has become so much more to me. Thanks to Susanna, I have done something I thought I never would be able to do. I have created something. It is nothing as extraordinary as creating a life or curing cancer, but it is my creation. A simple poem, which I will put to words here.

I will Remember you when I’m dealing with foes
I will Remember you during my highs & lows
I will Remember you as I laugh & joke with friends
The experiences we shared will never end
You touched my life in your own way,
But if I don’t live up to your example, I will one day
I will Remember you when I look up at the sky
Knowing that your spirit flew so high
Beyond the gates of this world
Into a better world
Whether a friend, family member, or teammate, I’ll remember you
Just as long as you promise to remember me too
I won’t cry because I am sad,
But try to celebrate your life and legacy, and all that you were that makes me glad

Camerons Journal Episode 6

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