Camerons Journal Episode 7



From the Journal of Cameron Tam

Target has been acquired and Eliminated.

That is all I would have said before I became involved with those I now call friends – Romy, Terri, David, Charles, Jane, and, above all, V.S.

My life has changed so much over the last few months. Before, there was the job, the payoff, and The Goal. Above all, The Goal. How foolish I was back then. I, and my now destroyed sisters, are no better than anyone else in this world. Before I thought myself superior to everyone else, now I know different.

I have friends and a family, of sorts, and am loved, and in turn, love. I have felt the joy of great triumph, and the pain of total loss, and for all of it, I am a better person.

Heinrich Kemmler is dead. His spirit forever imprisoned in what David’s girlfriend Serina call The Ellcrys, a prison from which there is no escape. The process was convoluted, and the thaumaturgical procedures way beyond my understanding, but V.S. and Charles are confident that what we did has ended the threat of The Master, forever.

And now I can enjoy life. V.S. does not know it yet, but I have more than enough money stashed away for us both to live comfortably till the end of our days. As I write this, I have turne din my resignation papers to The Director, and have assured her that my days of assassination are behind me. I expected more of an argument from her, but she merely smiled and said, with her odd accent, “May the Light Protect you”.

Romy is getting married to Siobhan, and I wish them all the best. Others have spoken of mine and V.S.‘s wedding as if it was a given thing to happen, but I will wait till he is ready. There is no need to hurry anymore. Though, I hope he enjoys my surprise trip after Romy’s wedding. I owe it to him to take him away from all of this for a while, and Hawaii will be the perfect place for us to spend a few weeks relaxing and just being ourselves. Only now do I realize how little I still know of him and I am sure he has a plethora of questions for me.

This will be my final entry in this journal. The time has come for me to leave my past behind me, and to live for the moment, and to enjoy the gift my VC.S. gave me, one for which I can never repay him, for it was he who truly Brought Me To Life, and gave me a soul.

Camerons Journal Episode 7

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