camerons story what is life



She glided across the floor, her elegant gown clinging to her every curve. She felt silly in such a dress, her movement restricted by the tight pink satin of the dress and no where to stow a weapon of any kind, however, the look in her dancing partner’s eyes told her she looked magnificent in it. Cameron smiled, as V.S. extended his hand to her, to walk her onto the dancefloor.

“Might I steal a dance with the prettiest of all the bridesmaids?” he asked.

For some odd reason, Cameron curtsied as she responded, “Of course you may” and she laughed slightly.

The two walked arm in arm onto the crowded dancefloor. Andromeda was a popular person it seemed, as was her new bride, Siobhan. Were Cameron the more venial type, she’d be impressed by the veritable whos-who of celebrities that congregated and floated around the room along with the less famous persons who called the newlyweds, friends.

Cameron fell into V.S.’s arms, as the various dance programs she downloaded the previous night kicked in and she let her partner take the lead. Flashbulbs flashed around the room as the band, a mix of various popular guitarists, drummers, and other rock stars, combined with a pianist, cellist, and a rather energetic redheaded violinist, were joined onstage by the odd duet of Kylie Minogue and Gloria Estefan.

A beautiful duet about love ensued, and Cameron allowed herself to be lost in the music. She smiled at the newlywed couple, as they passed. As always, Andromeda looked stunning in her white wedding dress. Siobhan looked equally as beautiful in her Red Gown of Asian silk.

Circling the floor nearby, Charles and Patricia, Patricia clad in a gown matching Cameron’s own, were oblivious to the eyes of anyone else. Jane and her beau, Chuck also danced nearby, Jane also clad in a pink gown matching Cameron’s own. As Cameron watched the three couples, she wondered where she and V.S. were headed. Would they ever be like Andromeda and Siobhan? Would V.S. ever even want to take that step with her? Jane and Chuck seemed quite comfortable where their relationship was. So did Charles and Patricia. Their relationships were equivalent to the one she had with V.S.

The music changed from a ballad to a more fast past tune. Apparently the two singers has decided to do a mix of each others more popular dance hits. Cameron spun across the floor, her and V.S. stealing the spotlight for a few moments as they demonstrated their impressive dancing skills.

Even as she was spun and twirled across the dance floor, Cameron continued to look around the crowd. Sitting in one corner, stood another girl clad in a gown like Cameron’s. Next to her stood a woman of incredible beauty, blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and back. Terri smiled at something Dragonfly said, something not even Cameron’s superior hearing could hear over the conversations and music.

Cameron’s vision drifted around the room again, as David and Serena joined the throng on the dancefloor. David, like V.S. and Charles, was clad in an expensive tuxedo. Serena, elegantly dressed in a gown of light blue, and to those in the know, definitely of elven make. Her blonde tresses coiffed to near perfection, barely hid the points of her ears. Around her neck, a diamond necklace shone, with three odd blue stones which seemed to almost glow of their own accord. Cameron smiled as the two joined the rest in the dance. They had been through so much, those two friends of hers, and they deserved all the happiness in the world.

Again, the music changed, this time back to a slow ballad, and Cameron again found herself encircled by V.S. arms. As Gloria sang a lovely tune about love, Cameron’s vision fell upon a young man. He was as elegantly dressed as everyone else there, and her memory banks recalled that he had been accompanied to the wedding by a young girl who’s celebrity status was as great as his own. However, he stood against the wall, a look of deep sadness on his face, the air around him emanating his depression, as he drank from a glass containing some alcoholic concoction. Cameron looked at this forlorn figure, wrapped in a cocoon of his sadness, and felt for him. Liam had lost the woman he loved when Kemmler had killed Susanna Hoffman. And suddenly, that void of emptiness was again present within Cameron. The girl had been so full of life, so vibrant. She stood to Cameron as an example of how she should live her life, now that she had one. As Cameron thought of this loss, she missed a step and accidentally stepped on her partner’s foot.

“Cameron? Everything ok?” V.S. asked.

Cameron looked at him, and joy again filled her face, “Oh, yes. Just was lost in thought. I’m alright”

Another ballad began, this one sung by Kylie. Cameron clung close to V.S., as she listened to the words. Thoughts raced through her head. How would she feel if she were in Liam’s shoes? If something happened to V.S.? She owed him so much, and cared for him so completely. She had transcended her programming and become human, because of him. Yes, she still had a computer for a brain, her body was still living tissue over an endo-steel frame. She was still a machine that looked and felt human. And yes, she was fully functional and anatomically correct, as she had teased V.S. about on their first date. But, because of him, she was human. She had a soul. A gift she could never repay him for. She felt joy and pain, sadness and joy, love and anger. All because of this wonderful man who now held her in his arms and glided across the dancefloor with her.

The poet once wrote, “If you prick us, do we not bleed?if you tickle us, do we not laugh?” and it was an apropos quotation for Cameron. She easily identified with Shylock, and it was why Merchant of Venice was held in such high esteem by her. The girl looked melancholy for a moment, as she wondered that question all beings wonder, “Why am I here? What is to become of me?”

As the songs shifted to another duet, Cameron pushed all these thought aside. At this moment in time, all that mattered, truly, was the happiness of her friends on their wedding day, and that she was here in his arms.

camerons story what is life

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