Child of Chrysalis



The Chrysalis Project, a scientific project for the genetic improvement of the human race, was active from the late 1980s to May 18, 1994.

The project gathered many of the finest geneticists, microbiologists, teachers and other scientists of the time, who believed that humanity was too weak and too unevolved to run itself. These scientists hoped that by genetically engineering a new class of humans and sending them out into the world, they would help to create a free and open Utopian society. However, the project’s director, Sikh Indian geneticist Dr. Sarina Kaur, and her associates Dr. Donald Archibald Williams and Dr. Viktor Lozinak, planned instead to destroy the human race, using several thousand specially-prepared biowarheads from the Soviet germ warfare program, Biopreparat, loaded with a genetically-engineered strain of necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh-eating form of Streptoccocus. By doing so, they would clear the way for the Chrysalis children to take over.

The project was derailed when two unidentified persons (a male and a female, along with a cat) infiltrated Chrysalis, and destroyed the facility. The ensuing explosion of the Chrysalis facility was explained away (and covered up) by the Indian Government, as a nuclear Test Detonation.

The children created in the Project, were, however, rescued by the same infiltrators who destroyed it, and placed in orphanages and adoption firms, throughout the world, where they have since grown, matured, and realized their own potential.

Musts: A Child of Chrysalis must reflect their status as a Genetically Engineered human

Inhuman Strength (-2)
Inhuman Mental Toughness (-2)
The Catch: Mental Assault via Technological Means (0)
Wizards Constitution (0)

Options: At GM Discretion, but all Children of Chrysalis start with 2 Stunts as part of their Template, Chosen from the following (all from the site, not the book):
Reading The Line Of Fire
Spell Resistance
Krav Maga Artist
I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing
Encouraging Leadership
Research is Research
Defeat Armor
Control The Conversation
Was That Supposed to Hurt?
And Your Little Dog Too
Twist the Knife

Important Skills: Skills relevant to Profession

Minimum Refresh Cost: -6

From the Casefiles : The Star Trek Episode, “Space Seed”, Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan, the book series, The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, as well as Star Trek Deep Space Nine (specifically Dr. Julian Bashir) and the Star Trek: Enterprise episodes involving Dr. Soong

Child of Chrysalis

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