Cintran Elf



The elves of the Cintra (Willamette National Forest) descend from the elves of Faerie. Back before time immemorial, the elves gave up their immortality and all the powers of faerie to take on the responsibility of securing the Great Old Ones beyond the Outer Gates. This was done by spending all the combined magic of the Elves (who were Summer Court at the time) to transform one of their own into the Ellcrys, which resembles a great redwood tree. Since that day, the elves have dwelled in seclusion, maintaining a basically Medieval society, their descendants continuing to nurture and defend the Ellcrys. The only being aware of the Elves, is the wizard known as The Gatekeeper, who aids the elves in their protection of The Ellcrys.

With the increasing threats in the world, both mortal and supernatural, the elven king and council have decided to send scouts out into the world. The duties of these scouts are to protect the secret of the elves existence, prevent those who would seek the power of the Outsiders from finding and destroying the Ellcrys, and protecting elvish interests in the world.

Wizard’s Constitution [+0]— Elves are tough (though not inhumanly so) and long-lived.
Cloak of Shadows (-1) – Elves can disappear into the shadows and see as easily at night as during the day
Inhuman Speed (-2) – Elves are swifter and more dexterous than humans

Important Skills:
Weapons (Archaic weapons only)

Minimum Refresh Cost (-4 (Includes required stunt))

From the Casefiles: Terry Brooks’ various Shannara novels.

HIGH CONCEPT must include Elf
MUST take a mortal stunt giving a +1 to attacks when using proper archaic weapons

Cintran Elf

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