Creature of Shadow



Shadow Creatures are fantastical/supernatural creatures from parallel worlds, often medieval and magical in nature, who have inadvertently stumbled through the Nevernever, into the world of Shadows Over New York. Such beings, dependent upon their time in our world, have little to no knowledge of modern technology or society. Such creatures also bring part of the Nevernever with them, which cloaks them in a permanent glamour of humanity, which only The Sight, or those with a Supernatural Sense, can pierce. Creatures brought to our world by Shadow are reclaimed by the tides of Shadow after they die, leaving behind no trace of itself other than its clothing and equipment.

Musts: A Creature of Shadow must have a high concept indicating their race and place of origin (ie Draenei Paladin of Azeroth or Orc Warrior of the Gray Wastes of Toril)

Marked By Power [-1]
Human Guise [+0] (Human creatures of Shadow do not need this)

Options: Abilities based on their origin to be determined with gm consent upon creation

Minimum Refresh Cost: -1

From the Casefiles : d20 Urban Arcana Sourcebook

Creature of Shadow

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