Davids Journal Episode 6




The demon, if that’s what it was, obviously did not have better than human senses. It’s lizard-like head never turned towards David’s panther form, hidden in the shadows, as it stalked up the dilapidated hallway, trying to get behind David’s companions. Some type of green energy glowed in its hands as it pointed it’s arms towards Jane’s back as she fought a band of small, gangly, froglike creatures.

Leaping, David bit the spine of the creature as he landed on its back with all four sets of claws. As the bones snapped under his jaws the taste turned from the iron taste of blood to the acidic taste of ectoplasm as the creature turned to goo.

Landing lightly on his feat David’s shadowy form again slid into darkness. As he searched for the Witch, Adrika Niranjana, his mind, again, started playing over the events that led him on this path of vengeance.

The celebration at the Flame, everyone else having a good time while David struggled with the depression of how many times he’s had to kill since this started. Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess, bursting in on their little “victory party” to announce that Susanna, all of sixteen years old, had been murdered. The scene of the murder, the same alley where Stutler’s body had been found and where Susanna’s headless corpse had been removed hours earlier. The revelation, by the mages, that Death, an actual horseman of the apocalypse had done the deed, disguised as the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow fame.

David’s mind tried to skip past the next part, but the movie played on, goading him to increased rage.

The frantic phone call from Robin Jonas, the tormented, teenaged girl whose body and mind he had once inhabited, begging him for help as she was being followed in the subways of New York. His panicked decision to send her to his old apartment building, to ask to be sheltered by his “human” super. The discovery of the super’s apartment having been broken into with the super unconscious and Robin missing. Terri, in dog form, following Robin’s and Adrika Niranjana’s scent up to Adrika’s old apartment, The discovery of Robin’s mutilated body and the realization that Adrika had pulled the apartment into the Never Never and tortured Robin for hours while only seconds passed in the real world. Racing up the stairs to the roof to see a helicopter, probably with Adrika in it, already beyond reach of the group.

Stopping under a leaning blackjack table, David fought down the rage, despair and self-loathing that threatened to overtake him. His fury at having discovered that his super was actually his “Godmother” in disguise and that she didn’t, though claimed she couldn’t, save Robin, mixed into his hate of Adrika to leave his emotions in an almost crippling state of chaos. More revelations flowed though David’s mind.

The group discovered that their were two defunct Fae courts, Spring and Fall, with only one member of each surviving and that the “Master” had both of them slated to be executed in the alley of death to increase his power more. Old ties between the gun runner Rebecca Abendanna and Niranjana revealed that the witch now had an ancient book, capable of controlling Death’s headless horseman aspect. It also brought to light that an employee of Rebecca’s was none other than the Spring Lady, only survivor of the Spring court.

Interference from the Hand of Winter revealed that she was under the control of the Lady of Spring and that the Spring Queen was dangerously insane.

Other visions quickly followed. The discovery that Niranjana had acquired a collection of weapons of mass destruction. Finding out that the Agency was under quarantine after an attack of bio agents at their main base. The frantic rush to neutralize the other weapons spread around the city. Finding the lady of Autumn and making a deal with her to resolve the instability in Faerie caused by the existence of the two Hands. The kidnapping of Jane and her eventual rescue. Finally the planting of a tracking device on Niranjana and finding her Lair here in the condemned Sands casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Charles, Jane and Cameron had been separated from the group, David followed the rest up the last set of stairs. The tracer indicated that Niranjana was in the room next to the stairs. Terri disintegrated the door, in the room stood Niranjana and a hooded figure. Something seemed wrong about Niranjana but the Hooded figure looked at the group and, in the master sepulcherel voice, said “Deal with this.” David recognized the face as that of Dr. Patricia Fairlane, Charles’ girlfriend. Behind her eyes he glimpsed a twisted soul controlling the body. The figure stepped through a hole in the air which disappeared leaving Niranjana in the room alone.

David charged at Niranjana with a panthers roar of anger. The sound turned to one of frustration as he passed through the illusion and found himself in a room with a minotaur and a group of zombies that had been hidden within the room. Andromeda charged the minotaur and V.S. blasted all of the Zombies. Terri produced a cloud of snowflakes which revealed the hidden form of Adrika and the Headless horseman. Melded into her right hand was the book controlling the horseman. Mustering up everything he had, David rushed the revealed figure. Mangling her right hand, David ripped the book from her. A desperate attempt to avoid the horseman’s ax caused David to loose the book on the floor and fall down the stairs they had just ascended. David saw the horseman, book in hand, leaving the scene as he attempted to rejoin his comrades. As he reached the top floor again he saw V.S. putting bullets into Niranjana’s head.

Davids Journal Episode 6

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