Elise Biography



Elise Martin was “born” 6054 (4035 bc) years ago in hell, and served Mother Lilith for her first thousand years of existence.

After what she thought of as a stellar run as an Daughter of Freedom, her remaining geas were transferred to Malphas, whom she would serve for another 3012 years (3035bc-23bc).

After Malphas, she returned to the service of Lilith, but quickly found herself with her geas transferred to Kobol, whom she served with distinction until 1989 ad, when she once again returned to Mother Lilith, where she would remain until 2014, whereupon she would have her geasa transferred to her strangest master yet, Smauverovax, the Dragon of NYC.

Life under Smauverovax has been… Strange. Former diabolic associates either avoid her or shadow her, unsure of what loyalties she might presently harbor.

Neither diabolic nor bright, she’s a condurundum that her histories with factions & dark humor allows her to exploit.

Her secret role in all of this is currently blocked. As she regains her geasa, it will slowly become apparent.

She currently resides in an apartment on the 15th floor of the Shandor Building (55 Park West) with Mark Granger & Cecilia Peck, her lovers & life companions.

Mark works as an art restorer, and Cecilia is a jeweler, moderately popular with a number of upper end stores in Manhattan, Chicago, and Los Angeles

Elise Biography

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