Elissa Mazza



Captain Elissa Mazza, NYPD
High Concept: Commander NYPD UCU

Captain Mazza is Commander of the NYPD’s Unsolved Crimes Unit (UCU), the unit responsible for dealing with those cases which cannot be solved through conventional means. This means Cpt. Mazza and the officers of the UCU deal with more than their share of Vampires, Sorcerers, Halfbloods, and other Supernatural Beings.

Captain Mazza is well prepared for this, descending from a long line of Police officers, and having more than her share of experience with the Supernatural. She volunteered for the job, and has assembled a strong team of officers and detectives to back her up. Captain Mazza is twice decorated by the NYPD.
First for actions above and beyond the call of duty during the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Second for her valiant, and almost life ending, effort, to save then Mayor Bloomberg from assassination by a rogue CIA Operative.

The recent war between the White Council and the Red Court Vampires has caused several headaches for Captain Mazza, however, the Captain and those she commands, have survived, dealt with, and kept form the public eye, several events and mayhem caused by both sides of the war. In addition to this, the unusually high numbers of Supernatural beings present in New York bring their own problems, all of which the captain and her people handle with grace, courage, and efficiency.

Elissa Mazza

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