Ellistrae, Hand of The Queen
High Concept: Fae Troubleshooter

Ellistrae is one of the deadlier members of the Winter Court, perhaps second only to The Leananshidhe in power. However, very few know her as anything more than a Winter Lady of the Court. Known only to Mab and The Leananshidhe, Ellistrae is The Queen’s Hand, a fae assassin and troubleshooter. Queens Hand as a position created secretly by Mab only after the betrayal of the last Winter Knight, Lloyd Slate, as he assisted the Summer Lady, Aurora, in her attempt to create a war between the Faerie Courts.

Created as a check against the power of The Winter Knight, The Mantle of The Queen’s Hand instills
similar powers, while changing the very nature of the Fae upon whom the Mantle is bestowed. The Mantle overrides the Fae’s own ambition and desires, instilling an unbreakable loyalty to the Winter Queen and a need to carry out The Queen’s commands. When in the service of the Queen, the Queen’s Hand may lie, break bargains, and refuse offers.

Whispers of The Queen’s Hand fly throughout The Winter Court, and the title has become one that many in Faerie fear.

Ellistrae’s opposite within The Summer Court, is Shayleigh.


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