Fomor Servitor



Humans altered by the Fomor to be their representatives and servants on the Surface World, fomor Servitors are Highly varied, but tend to be larger-than-average humans who smell wrong—a horrible combination of stagnant water and rotting fish. They often have gills or other aquatic animal features grafted onto them, which they hide under large, bulky coats and other similar clothing. The Fomor seem to excel at grafting parts onto human beings for their own purposes without killing the subject, and they use these servants mostly as raw muscle and manpower. Servitors are conditioned to be absolutely loyal to their masters, without any regard for individuality, however, PC Servitors have broken this conditioning, and are therefore on the run from their former Masters.

Musts: A Fomor Servitor must have a High Concept that states their status as a Servitor while their Trouble must state their renegade status.

Aquatic [-1]
Supernatural sense (Sonar) [-1]

Options: Various Toughness and Creature Abilities

Important Skills: None

Minimum Refresh Cost: -2

From the Casefiles : Dresden Files novels and Short stories taking place following Changes

Fomor Servitor

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