Grimms are descendants of The Brothers Grimm, famed Monster hunters, who could see supernatural creatures for what they truly were. Their bloodline has passed down to you and you now continue their struggle against the Darkness.

Musts: A Grimm must have a high concept indicating their being a Grimm (Grimm Police Detective, etc.)

Supernatural Sense [-1] : Sight
Marked By Power [-1]
Inhuman Toughness [-2]
The Catch: Weapons [+1]

- 1 Blood of the Grimm – You Gain +2 to the ability to pierce veils, glamours, or magic to see the true nature of supernaturals.
- 1 Grimm Awareness – You Gain +2 in Discipline Saves against Supernatrual Attacks
- 1 Grimm-oire – You Gain + 2 in Scholarship or Lore roles against the Supernatural

Minimum Refresh Cost: -6

From the Casefiles : Grimm TV Show


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