Face: Vladamir Lenin (Ghost)
Bound by Rasputin and Diana when they formed The Hellmouth, the Ghost of Vladimir Rasputin, founder of the Soviet Union, is the trapped protector and guardian of The Hellmouth. The ghost hates its situation and the man who imprisoned him here (though Rasputin found using Lenin’s spirit quite funny and ironic). The ghost is uncooperative to the extreme, speaking only in Russian and trying everything possible to escape its imprisonment.
Themes & Threats
Theme: Portal to Hell Dimensions

Aspect: Protected by Devilish Forces

Aspect: Spring of Dark Magic

A Hellmouth is an area in which the barriers between dimensions is particularly weak, allowing the creation of portals between Earth and several hell dimensions. For these reasons, the Hellmouth attracts demons and other supernatural creatures, becoming a “hot spot” for supernatural activity. The New York Hellmouth was created by Grigori Rasputin and his assistant, the alien female (Cerean) Diana. It was created on September 11, 2001, utilizing the power of the death caused by the events of that day and resides in the remaining ruins of the World Trade Center Path station, beneath One World Trade Center.


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