Hellmouth Vampire



Hellmouth vampires are created in the locality of a Hellmouth (hence the name). A hell mouth is a portal to the lower planes which emanates great evil. Once created however, a Hellmouth Vampire is not dependent upon the Hellmouth, and depends upon the blood of mortal to survive. Those fed upon and killed by a Hellmouth vampire, rise the next evening as a Hellmouth vampire beholden to its creator.

Your High Concept must reflect your vampiric nature and your FREE WILL (ie. Hellmouth Vampire with a Soul, or Hellmouth Vampire in Love with a Slayer). Turning someone else into a vampire requires taking them out through blood drinking, followed by invoking your vampiric High Concept. Failing to spend a fate point will cause the transformation to fail, and result in a dead human.

(-2) Undead (See Powers Section)
*No Death result is permanent unless taken out by one of their catches, or their head is removed from their body. The character no longer ages. This power must be linked to a catch.
*No need to take in traditional food, water, or air.
*Unlike the Living Dead power, an Undead character still heals at the same rate as a mortal (or faster when combined with recovery powers). Person appears as a normal human, except when using their Vampiric nature, which causes their fangs to show and their head to go all “Klingony”
(-1) Blood Drinker
(1) Feeding Dependency (Blood)
(+0) Human Guise
(-2) Inhuman Recovery
(-2) Inhuman Speed
(-2) Inhuman Strength
(-2) Inhuman Toughness
(3) The Catch: (Direct Sunlight, Fire, Holy Stuff, and Wooden Stakes)
*In addition to bypassing toughness and recovery, Sunlight also causes horrific burns dealing one point of physical stress per exchange spent in direct sunlight. Fire includes explosions such as those resulting from RPGs. Wooden Stakes include crossbow quarrels. Holy Symbols (Crosses, Stars of David, etc.) repel Hellmouth Vampires. Holy Water damages Hellmouth Vampires in ways similar to Direct Sunlight. A Hellmouth Vampire Taken Out by sunlight bursts into flames and dies. A Hellmouth vampire Taken Out with a Wooden Stake crumbles to dust.

Important Skills: Fists, Athletics, Endurance, Intimidation

Minimum Refresh Cost (-5)

From the Casefiles: All episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel

Hellmouth Vampire

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