Hope Wolfrunner



Hope Wolfrunner, Vampire Slayer
High Concept: I am the Hope of my People and The City, Against The Dark

Hope was born Welania Wolfrunner, in 1855. When she was 13, the Watcher’s Council came to her family home on the small Lenape Reservation in southern New Jersey, and took her to be trained as a Vampire Slayer. For the next 10 years, she fought against the Red, White, and Black Courts, until one fateful night in 1878, when she would lose her battle with the Red Court Vampire, Pablo Ortega. She died in that battle, only to rise the next morning, as an Immortal. The Council was stumped. Never before had an Immortal also bornwith the power of a Slayer. Consultation with allies of The Watchers revealed that such an occurrence had only happened once before – In
Navajo pre-history, an immortal girl with the powers of The Slayer was born, and defeated the Skinwalkers that invaded her tribe. With this information, and following the traditions of her people, she changed her name to Hope.

It was determined that Hope was destined for Greatness, and for the next 130 years, Hope would be hidden away, training constantly. Several years ago, she convinced the Head of the Watcher’s Council, she would better serve the world by being in it. She was assigned a new watcher, the Ninja Master and Senior Watcher, James Hoshino. Soon after, while battling Red Court Vampires of the Escobado Cartel, Hope met the Knight of the Word, Jenny Chang. Alliance swiftly grew into friendship, which blossomed into romance, and the two have been a team ever since.

More recently, Hope and Jenny have joined forces with “The Protectors of the City”, the Halfblood Andromeda Spiradakos-Chu, and her wife, the wizard, Siobhan Chu-Spiradakos.

Hope Wolfrunner

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