Hubert Fuller



Detective Hubert Fuller, NYPD
High Concept: Red Court Infected UCU Detective

Hubert Fuller was a mortal police detective until about two years ago. He had always wanted to be like the heroes of the movies and shows that he obsessed over, but real police work wasn’t as eventful as the movies made it look. Then a letter arrived in his mailbox, saying:
Be advised that your city is likely to be destroyed within three years. If said event comes to pass, roughly 400 000 fatalities will result. You are, to the best of my knowledge, the only person with a good chance of preventing this. So prevent it.
The Gatekeeper
Now, normally Hubert would have ignored this. But there were a few things about this letter that made it obviously magical. For one thing, it spoke its message out loud in a voice that nobody but Hubert could here. For another, it turned into a duck when its message was over.

So Hubert felt he had no choice but to obey the letter. Unfortunately, he had no idea where to start. His initial investigations got him turned by a Red Court Vampire, but they didn’t produce much information. Fortunately, the Fellowship Of St Giles saved him before he could be fully turned.

Thanks to the fellowship, he’s now pretty well clued in. He’s also a fairly significant player in the local anti-Red struggles, partly because of his position in the police force. But he still has no idea what was up with the Gatekeeper’s letter. About a year ago, he was transferred to the Unsolved Crimes Unit, apparently at the request of Captain Elissa Maza, and was partnered with veteran detective, Joseph Knight.

Hubert Fuller

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