Immortals are a breed apart. Their power flows from the Quickening, healing their wounds, halting passage of years, and raising them from the dead. Only with the removal of their head will they know the eternal sleep of the grave and pass their power and knowledge on to the victor.
Unless a person destined to be an Immortal is killed by non-natural means, they will live and die a normal life, never manifesting any abilities. However, after the person meets that first death – usually a violent and bloody one – their Immortal powers will be awakened. Indeed, it is believed by many learned scholars that hundreds, if not thousands, of “Immortals” may live completely normal lives and die of old-age without a single soul ever knowing of their potential power.
To speak of ‘Immortals’ as a cohesive group is no less misleading then lumping all ‘Humans’ together in one general category. Immortals come from every conceivable background, rich to poor, young to old, royalty to peasant, soldier to scientist, and individuals are as unique as any given mortal human. Though Immortals are each unique, most tend to keep to themselves and avoid other supernaturals when possible. However, the circumstances of their lives, and the driving force of The Game, offer opportunities for many interesting and dangerous situations.
While an Immortal doesn’t bring much direct supernatural strength to the table, a knack for the long-haul, and their relative ease at interacting with everyday society, give them an edge that few other non-mundane beings possess. Add in the accumulation of skills and stunts – as well as the possibility of other powers – and Immortals become a force that can hold their own in the world of supernaturals.

Musts: A high concept that denotes status as an Immortal (e.g., Honorable Immortal or Immortal With a Death-wish) must be taken. In addition, Immortals are required to take the following supernatural powers:
• Immortal Nature [-1] (See Powers)
• Must also take one of: Inhuman Recovery [-2] or Supernatural Recovery [-4]. For the chosen Recovery ability, the Catch is defined by the effect The Catch, Decapitation of the required Immortal Nature power. The Catch is valued at +1 for Inhuman level of toughness abilities or +3 for all others.
• Must also take a stunt relevant to Archaic Weapons

Note: The ability offered by the Recovery powers to skip one or more nights of sleep with no ill effects should be ignored when taken by an Immortal character. Skills are still never restricted by Endurance due to lack of rest, but that doesn’t mean you can skip whole nights of sleep with no effect.

Options: No two Immortals are the same. Supernatural Powers besides those required, on an individual basis or across the board, may or may not be allowed as the GM deems appropriate. However, Immortals with a dark past may need to take Rulebreaker power one or more times if they have broken the Rules of the Gathering.

Important Skills: Discipline, Endurance, Lore

Minimum Refresh Cost: -2

Canon Files: The prime examples are Connor MacLeod (Highlander) and Duncan MacLeod (Highlander: The Series), though countless other examples, such as Ramirez, Richie Ryan, Amanda, and Methos, exist within the Highlander franchise


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