Island in Shadow



Face: The Oniate
The Oniate (Iriquois word for Ghost) is effectively The Island. Originally a Spirit of Intellect, the power of the Island has infused The Oniate, giving it vast powers beyond those of a normal spirit. However, these powers bind the spirirt to The Island. If caused to manifest, The Oniate appears as ancient Iriquios Indian Chief, and will only converse in that language.
Themes & Threats
Theme: Island Hidden Within Shadow

Aspect: Protects Itself from Discovery

Aspect: Tainted By Necromancy

The Island in Shadow rests between Liberty Island and Ellis island. It only exists partially in the real world, most of the Island itself existing within Shadow. The Island can only be accessed via two known means from the real world: Via an apparent aerial drop from mystical steeds, or the utilization of Sparrow’s Compass and passage via the water. It is also believed that the island can be accessed via The NeverNever, if one can find and survive where it and Shadow meet.

The Island has existed since the Dawn of Time, and protects itself from detection. Anyone craft, be they boat or aircraft, avoid the island, without those driving said vehicles realizing they are navigating around the Island. Occasionally, The Island reacts to nearby traffic causing incidents (as was the case in the So Called Miracle on the Hudson crash of US Airways Flight 1549 in January of 2009).

The Island itself is covered with deciduous growth similar to that of the area, and the center is dominated by a ruined castle – Four towers and a gatehouse surrounding a small keep. While in ruins, the structures stand solidly and are mostly habitable. A seacave on the eastern shore provides access to an underwater tunnel that leads the ‘dungeon’ level of the castle.

The Island has recently been the hiding place of Adrika Niranjana and was the site of her initial defeat. Afterwords, the Lich of Adrika prowled The Island, using it as a base again for her attempted return. The powerful Necromantic mgics exercised by Niranjana during her time on The Island have tainted it, casuing it to be a locale of dark power with an affinity for necromancy.

Island in Shadow

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