Jason Spiradakos



Jason Spiradakos
High Concept: Watcher Defense Attorney Watched Over By Aphrodite

Jason Spiridakos is a Defense Attorney, based out of Los Angeles. His client list is extensive, including such luminaries as The Kardashian Family, the Steinbrenner Clan, Chris Brown, Madonna, Alex Rodriguez, Claude Giroux, Troy Aikman, and others from the Entertainment and Sports Industry. He is probably best known for his contributions as part of the O.J. Simpson Defense Team.

What is less known is that Jason was a one time lover of the Olympian, Aphrodite. Their relationship lasted longer than most of that deity’s infamous fling, producing a daughter, Andromeda, as well as
earning Jason the enmity of both Ares (Aphrodite’s lover) and Hephestaeus (Aphrodite’s Husband). It is only through the direct intervention of Zeus, that neither has interfered in the life of Jason or his Daughter. Also remarkable is the fact that Aphrodite herself continues to take an interest in Jason, and through him, her daughter, watching over him, and ensuring his safety and prosperity.

Spiridakos recently announced in the LA Papers of his relocation to New York City. His expressed reason is to be closer to his daughter. The true reason, however, is to assume his new duties as a member of The Watcher’s Council

Jason Spiradakos

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