Jenny Chang



Jenny Chang, Knight of the Word
High Concept: The Word Guides My Actions Against The Darkness

While vacationing in Scotland, New Yorker Jenny Chang came across a ‘Fairy Circle’. Having been hiking for several miles, she decided to stop for lunch. At that moment, the young college student’s life changed forever. She entered the Circle, and promptly came face to face with The Lady of The Word. The Lady told her of the eternal struggle between Good and Evil and how Jenny could be an instrumental force for Good. The young girl listened, and eventually was persuaded to take up the Word’s cause.

Shortly thereafter, Jenny exited the Circle, black staff
in hand. She quickly returned home to New York, only to find her family all dead, slain by Red Court Vampires. She swore an oath to avenge her family, an oath she sensed The Word bless. Using her new magic, she tracked her family’s killers down. A long combat ensued, during which the Lenape Vampire Slayer, Hope Wolfrunner, joined the fray. The two used all their skills and powers, and eventually vanquished the Vampires. The conflict made the two staunch allies.

Afterwords, Hope introduced Jenny to her Watcher, James Hoshino. A growing friendship and alliance between Knight and Slayer soon blossomed into a full blown romance. The two lovers now live, train, and fight together , under the guidance and training of James Hoshino.

More recently, Jenny and Hope have joined forces with “The Protectors of the City”, the Halfblood Andromeda Spiradakos-Chu, and her wife, the wizard, Siobhan Chu-Spiradakos.

Jenny Chang

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