Jessica Brown



Jessica Brown
High Concept: Semi-Divine Assassin For Hire

Jessica Brown is the host for the remaining power of the Akkadian Goddess, Ishtar. Born in New Jersey, and having served time in the Us Marine Corps as a sharpshooter, Jessica Brown resigned her commission of Lieutenant, when she became host to the remaining power of the goddess, Ishtar. Ishtar was the goddess of love, war, fertility, and sexuality and all these qualities have overridden Jessica’s original personality, merging with the woman who hosts her.

Once a friendly, and reserved young woman, Jessica now is an outgoing and calculating woman, with a string of lovers around the world which rival the
number of people she has assassinated. Her preferred method of assassination is to use her well honed sniper skills to kill from afar, but she is not reluctant to call upon Ishtar’s power and use seduction and a well placed knife, to kill her target in a Black Widow like style.

Jessica Brown

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