Knight of the Word



The Knights of the Word are a group of Knights devoted to the “Word” (Good) and dedicated to opposing the “Void” (Evil) in any form it may take. The Knights are the “Word’s” enforcers, they are stronger than any normal person and cannot be beaten in combat when it is a level battle field, the Knights of the Word believe they are the world’s only chance at defeating the Void and saving it from total destruction.

Knight’s Commandments
1. Each Knight has a duty to oppose the Void in any form it may take.
2. Each Knight is duty bound to help anyone in need of his or her help, if he or she can provide it.
3. Each Knight will follow the Word’s teachings and seek to do the bidding of the Word at all times.
4. No Knight will kill an innocent.
5. No Knight will denounce the Word or any of it’s teachings

Musts:Knights of the Word must have a high concept that is in line with their nature as a Soldier of the Word – such an aspect will be the source of many opportunities for invocation, but it also carries the weight of the responsibilities and codes of behavior expected from such men and women of faith.

A Knight of the Word must have a fairly high conviction and discipline ratings.

Black Staff of the Word [-3] Item of Power already baked in which provides: It is what it is (a Staff of black wood), Unbreakable, Imparted Abilities: Channeling (Fire), Holy (see sword of the cross. Also, the fire projected from the staff counts as Holy), and Refinement (+1 control and power focus to fire spells (within the limits of the Knight’s Lore))

In addition to the Staff, Knights of The Word gain the following:
Wizard’s Constitution (0)
Supernatural Senses [-1] – To see the auras of creatures of The Void (aka evil supernaturals (Denarians, Vampires, Demons, etc.))
Guide My Hand (-1)

Options: None

Important Skills: Conviction, Discipline, combat skills

Minimum Refresh Cost: -4

From the Casefiles : The Word and the Void Series by Terry Brooks

Knight of the Word

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