Macleods Antiques



Face: Rachel Ellenstein
Rachel was born in 1936. In 1943, a Nazi raid killed both of her parents. She was found by Connor MacLeod, and discovered Connor’s Immortality. Adopting her as his daughter, Connor brought Rachel to America to provide her with a proper life, where she grew up to run Macleod (Nash) Antiques
Themes & Threats
Theme: Simple Antique Shop

Aspect: Home of Connor Macleod

Aspect: Rules of The Game


Macleod’s Antiques (formerly Nash’s Antiques) is owned and operated by Connor Macleod, and his ‘daughter’, Rachel Ellenstein.

The shop is known throughout New York as the place to go when looking for genuine antiques. Rachel is a certified expert in everything ancient. What is also known, among the more magical inclined, is Macleod’s is also a place where one might happen to find items of a magical nature.

Connor and Rachel live behind and above the shop, in a modest apartment.

Macleods Antiques

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