Mulan Li



Special Agent Mulan Li
High Concept: Supernatural Agency Troubleshooter

Special Agent Mulan Li is what is classified by Supernatural Scholars, as a Child of the Armageddon. This means she has the ability to temporarily absorb the abilities of other supernatural beings, and to wield those abilities as if they were her own. Doing so requires she touch the being first, and draining the abilities sends the target into a comatose state for several hours

As a young child in Brooklyn, New York, Mulan’s abilities were discovered by The Nakamura Clan, and she was quickly ‘recruited’. From there she was trained in the ways of the Clan, the intention being that she become a weapon of immense power at

their disposal. And for several years (her teens and twenties), she was just that.

However, she was never happy with being a member of The Clan, and in fact, hated them for the death’s of her parents as part of her ‘recruitment’. When the Nakamura’s came into conflict with The Agency, Mulan allowed herself to be captured and taken into custody

Future Director, Ariadne Moskavina, convinced her superiors that Mulan could be a valuable asset, and Mulan leapt at the chance to do some good with her powers and training. She was partnered for several years with Agent Moskavina, and when her partner was escalated to Assistant Director, Mulan became the Agency’s primary Troubleshooter. The person dispatched to a situation where her fellow agents required additional supernatural support. After AD Moskavina became Director Moskavina, Mulan’s utilization only increased.

Mulan Li

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