Nakamura Clan



The Nakamura Clan is an unusual entity. Originally a Yakuza clan, and still operating as one, it absorbed, through various means, the Arisuke Ninja Clan, its blood enemies, adding that clan’s strength to its own. This merging happened over 100 years ago, and the members now see the two traditions as one.

Shortly after the end of World War Two, the Clan, led by Mitsune Nakamura, the clan’s ruling Matron, the Nakamura’s relocated form Japan, to New York City. They quickly established a presence in The Bronx, but also as quickly came into conflict with both the local Russian Bratva, and, more importantly, The Luciano Crime Syndicate.

Year of conflict weakened the Clan, placing it on the brink of elimination, until fortune turned their way. Over the past several years, The Fomor have become the focus of Luciano (and his erstwhile ally, Ernesto Escobado). While the two focus on their war with The Fomor, Tomiko Nakamura, the current Matron of the clan, has taken advantage of the situation, as well as several other opportunities which have come her way, to not only return the Clan to its former glory, but to give it control of most criminal activities in The Bronx.

Rumors fly that Tomiko has made an alliance with the Mysterious Jade Court of Vampires, or with a powerful Shen Spirit, or both, to accomplish this. All that is common knowledge is that those who have come into conflict with The Nakamura as of late, be they Bravta, Triad, or even Luciano, all have failed to dethrone the Clan from it’s current position, and many have since disappeared without a trace.

Nakamura Clan

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