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There’s not much to say about my childhood, certainly not compared to the immortals, wizards, spirits and zzzzz… Yeah, I hate to confess, but I wasn’t born on the top of Mount Olympus or willed myself into existence. I came into the world in the normal fashion…dirt poor.

I busted my ass to get a university scholarship (NYU), because I knew my mother (Dad walked out when I was 5) couldn’t afford it, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to mortgage my life to some bloodsucking bank. I got my MSEE, with aconcentration in security systems.

After graduation, I spent over decade working for different companies in the technology sector, first in Silicon Valley, and later in NYC. I worked my way up the ladder but was never able to overcome the glass ceiling that professionals like me face. If you don’t have a degree in business (yawn), they never pay you what you are worth. Frustrated with such treatment by people with half my IQ, I quit my job and decided to take a vacation.

Cruises are supposed to be relaxing and fun, especially on the smaller ones where it’s just one big party. From my personal experience they generally turn sour when the ship sinks and the survivors get harpooned. It was pretty much Titanic meets Jaws. I still want my money back. I don’t remember much of that day, and for that I am eternally grateful.

As it turned out, I was ‘spared’ by servants of the Fomor. The next four years or so is a blank. My next memory was one I don’t mind at all. I remember being hauled ashore up a white sandy beach. My ‘savior’ was a svelte nymph of a woman by the name of <<name>>, a Fae of the Summer Court. She had broken whatever mind-rape the Fomar had over me and got me out. And it turned out I owed her a favor…a major one.

<<name>> had hatched some crazy scheme to create some sort of dinosaur-theme-park with real dinosaurs in a place she called the “Nevernever”. Yep, my savior was nuts, but serious, nonetheless. Some crazy old man had figured out how to genetically engineer dinosaurs using ancient DNA. He wanted to use it to create a theme park on a secluded island. <<name>> wanted that DNA, or as she put it “the essence of the beast”. And this man was hiring…

So, I got a job (with a fake identity) working for the crazy man. I designed a complex security system to run and keep safe, the whole park. And I left a back door in the code… Once they trusted me enough, and the right moment presented itself, I stole the DNA and ran. I nearly killed myself in that hurricane on the way out. Later, I heard rumors online about the island being napalmed. Mission accomplished, favor repaid, back to life. No more cruises though.

Nedry Biography

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