Usual Suspects (NPCs)
Season Three
Melissa Alexis
Melissa is a recent new arrival in New York. A freshly recruited Wizard of the White Council, a Junior Warden, and is the Apprentice of Senior Warden Charles Fisher. Melissa has demonstrated a strong talent for combat oriented magic, unusually, with two traditionally opposed elements, Fire and Water.
With the help of Fisher’s associate, Andromeda Spiradakos, she has been set up in an apartment in 55 Central Park West.
Jack Wilder
Jack has lived in New York for almost a year now, serving as a Junior Warden and apprenticed to Warden Violet Marten. His presence has proven, at times, to be a cooling factor on the otherwise hot-blooded and short tempered Marten, though just as often causin his Teacher to explode violently as he yet again disobeys one of her orders to follow his own instincts.
Season Two
Donna Moroder
A former White Council Wizard, Donna lost most of her magical talent when, in a battle with several Red Court Vampires during the White Council/Red Court War, backlash on a complicated Thaumaturgy forced her spirit to switch with one of the Red Court Infected her allies were combating. Struggling with the hunger insider her new body and the loss of most of her magical talent, Donna now works as a librarian at the Main Branch of the NY Public Library, and strives to help those in need.
First Appearance: Episode 1: Kiss The Girls
Anita Mirrorsong
Singer and Actress currently starring on Broadway. Also a Creature of Shadow (High Elf) from the world of Oerth.
First Appearance: Episode 1: Kiss The Girls
Alisha Quarrtulain
White Court Vampire, distantly related to House Raith
First Appearance: Episode 1: Kiss The Girls
Kylie Robertson
Librarian, accomplished violinist, and werewolf
Location: Bobst Library
First Appearance: Episode 1: Kiss The Girls
Kachina “Deer Dancer” Dyani
Native American Medicine Woman and Botanist
First Appearance: Episode 1: Kiss The Girls
Hana Sahng
Vampire Slayer and College Student
Location: NYU
First Appearance: Episode 1: Kiss The Girls
Natalie Aumar
Creature of Shadow (Human) and Wizard of Enormous Power. Owner of a chain of Bakeries renowned throughout The City (Mystra’s Mysteries), based in Little Italy.
Location: Little Italy
First Appearance: Episode 1: Kiss The Girls
Ashley Burnette
Ex-Marine Sharpshooter and Immortal. First Death occurred during Operation Desert Storm
First Appearance: Episode 1: Kiss The Girls
Carolyn Palamas, Daughter of Apollo
Halfblood Daughter of Apollo and Fashion Designer
First Appearance: Episode 1: Kiss The Girls
Season One
The Master
A shadowy figure, responsible for the murders of David Stutler and Susanna Hoffman, among other acts. It is now known that The Master is the spirit of the Necromancer, Heinrich Kemmler.
Affiliation: The Master
Captain Elissa Mazza, NYPD
Captain Mazza is Commander of the NYPD’s Unsolved Crimes Unit (UCU), the unit responsible for dealing with those cases which cannot be solved through conventional means. This means Cpt. Mazza and the officers of the UCU deal with more than their share of Vampires, Sorcerors, Halfbloods, and other Supernatural Beings.
Affiliation: NYPD

Lt. Susan Ivanova, NYPD

Lt. Ivanova is second in command of the NYPD’s Unsolved Crimes Unit (UCU), a twice decorated officer, and the only Immortal to ever have a child (the former White Council Warden, Alexandra Ivanova)

Affiliation: NYPD
Detective Lenny Briscoe, NYPD
Lennie Briscoe is the senior detective in the New York City Police Department’s 27th Detective Squad in the 27th Police Precinct’s Station House, where he is partnered with Reynaldo Curtis. He is regarded throughout the city as one of the best homicide investigators the NYPD has.
Affiliation: NYPD
Detective Reynaldo Curtis, NYPD
Reynaldo “Rey” Curtis is a homicide detective in Manhattan’s 27th Detective Squad, the junior partner of Lennie Briscoe. The conservative, devoutly Catholic Curtis does his job by the book, and views it in black and white terms: He believes that if someone breaks the law, they deserve to go to jail, regardless of circumstances.
Affiliation: NYPD
Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD
Beckett is a detective with the Twelfth Precinct Homicide Squad of the New York City Police Department. She is a highly dedicated Police Detective, who is relentless in the pursuit of those she factually believes are guilty. She is regarded as second only to Detective Briscoe, when it comes to resolving homicides within NYC
Affiliation: NYPD
Jennifer Vanderbilt
Accomplished Hacker, Technomage, member of Anonymous, and heiress to the Vanderbilt Fortune.
Affiliation: Anonymous
Jenny Chang, Knight of the Word
Jenny Chang has been a Knight of the Word now for 3 years. She is a staunch ally of her lover, the Slayer Hope Wolfrunner, has close ties to the Diocese of New York, is a devout Catholic, and owner of the Golden Dragon Chinese Restaurant, which she inherited from her parents.
Location: Golden Dragon
Hope Wolfrunner, Vampire Slayer
Hope Wolfrunner is an Immortal and a Slayer. She is a member of the Lenape Tribe, and therefore close to those few of her tribe residing in New York. She looks to her Watcher, James Hoshino as a respected Elder, teacher, and mentor. She would give her life willingly to protect the innocent from the monsters that prowl the night. And she is passionately in love with Jenny Chang, Knight of the Word. She sees herself and Jenny as NYC’s first line of defense against the darkness.
Location: Golden Dragon
Violet Marten, White Council Warden
Violet Marten is one of two White Council Wardens assigned to NYC. She is both a Slayer and a Wizard, and was apprenticed to Aleron LaFortier. When LaFortier was murdered by Warden Donald Morgan, she was dispatched to find his confederate, Warden Alexandra Ivanova. She still hunts Alexandra to this day, and is obsessed with bringing her to justice. She is also vehement in her literal interpretation of the Laws of Magic, and does not hesitate to execute those she feels are in violation of the Laws. These prevent her from ever seeing eye to eye with her fellow warden, Professor Charles Fisher
Affiliation: White Council
Alaska Vanderbilt
Alaska Vanderbilt is the heiress to the Vanderbilt fortune, is a VERY public figure, is a VERY
intelligent young Woman, was an ally of Alfred Newcastle and is a pyromaniacal pyromancer with a fear of fire. She currently lives alone in the penthouse of 55 Central Park West and is know to often frequent Studio 54.
Aspen is a Dryad, sworn to Summer, living in Central Park, near the Vanderbilt Botanical Garden.
Location: Central Park
Serena Elessidil
Serena is an arts and antiquities dealer working out of One World Trade Center. She is highly respected and deals with only a select (and quite wealthy) clientele.
Robert Howe
Robert Howe is a highly paid Defense Attorney, whose clientele includes both the rich and famous. When not in court, he is also a high priced Agent to Sports and Entertainment Figures. He spends most of his free time at Studio 54 or on his Yacht docked in New York Harbor
Location: Studio 54
Lady Ariel of Summer
Lady Ariel is the handmaiden of Queen Titania of the Summer Court, and perhaps the most powerful sorceress in Summer, second only to Titania herself. She is fond of music and dancing and her parties are legendary. She is also quite fond of hunting cats, panthers in particular. She easily takes offense at any jokes relating her name to mermaids.
Affiliation: Summer Court
The Leanansidhe
The Leanansidhe is handmaiden to Queen Mab, within the Winter Court. Her power as a sorceress is vast, second only to Mab herself. She has been known to inspire artists and writers throughout the ages, in exchange for their love and devotion. She also is quite fond of hounds.
Affiliation: Winter Court
Risa Hirano
Risa Hirano is a Daughter of the Olympian goddess, Nemesis, a follower of the Titan, Chronos, and lover/partner to Lazarus Jacobs
Affiliation: Lazarus Jacobs / The Master
Lazarus Jacobs
Lazarus Jacobs is a small time gangster in the Bronx and a Son of the titan, Chronos. He is the younger half-brother of Alaska Vanderbilt, and the lover/Boss of Risa Hirano
Affiliation: Lazarus Jacobs / The Master
Saundra Smythe
Former SAS Trained Mercenary Sniper, now Red Court Vampire and personal Bodyguard to Ernesto Escobado as well as an associate of Risa Hirano and Lazarus Jacobs
Affiliation: Escobado Cartel
Senior Technician Charles ‘Chuck’ Taylor
Chuck Taylor is The Agency’s best Computer and Sci-ops specialist on their roster. A pure mortal, he understands computers and electronics on an almost instinctual level, and it is said there is not a system in the world, he cannot get in and out of unseen.
Affiliation: The Agency
Detective Hubert Fuller, NYPD
Hubert Fuller is a Detective in the NYPD’s unsolved Crimes Unit (UCU). Hubert Fuller was a mortal police detective until about two years ago when he became a Red Court Infected. His NYPD partner is Joseph Knight
Affiliation: NYPD
Detective Joseph Knight, NYPD
Joseph Knight is a Mortal Police Detective in the NYPD’s Unsolved Crimes Unit (UCU) and is partners with Hubert Fuller. He was a staunch ally of the White Council Warden, Alfred Newcastle
Affiliation: NYPD
Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod was born into the clan MacLeod in the village of Glenfinnan on the shores of Loch Shiel in the year 1518. Connor MacLeod rode into combat with his clan against the Frasers. On the battlefield he found that no one was willing to fight him, until a large man on horseback rode up and ran him through, delivering a fatal wound. Connor was returned home among the wounded at the end of the fight, but passed away in the night, only to come back to life shortly thereafter. He was driven from his home by his clan and later trained by the Immortal, Ramirez. After many long years he found himself in New York, where he now runs an antiques shop in the Lower East Side. He is also allies with Balthazar and Veronika Blake.
Ellistrae, Hand of The Queen
Fae troubleshooter answering only to The Winter Queen, Mab
Affiliation: Winter Court
Jessica Brown, Last Remnant of Ishtar
Last Remnant of the Goddess Ishtar, and Assassin for Hire
Location: Studio 54
Dr. Patricia Fairlane
Egyptologist and Wizard of the White Council
Siobhan Chu
21 year old magical prodigy of Irish and Chinese/Vietnamese descent whose Wizard Mother was killed in the Vampire War by Red Court Vampires. Apprentice and Research Assistant to Dr. Patricia Fairlane
Jason Spiradakos
Famous Defense Attorney from Los Angeles, Father of Victoria’s Secret Angel Andromeda, and former lover of the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite.
The Director
Ariadne Moskavina, know as The Director, is head of The Agency. She is a Creature of Shadow (a Draenei Shaman) originating in the World of Azeroth. Her real name is Moskva.
Affiliation: The Agency
Jessica Devlin, Daughter of Minerva
Jessica Devlin was born in Los Angeles, the daughter of Jason Spiradakos and the Roman Goddess, Minerva. Raised from the age of 2 with other children of the Roman Deities at Camp Jupiter, she excelled in combat, both physical and mental. Upon graduating high school, she attended Harvard Law, and eventually became Assistant District Attorney of Los Angeles. Recently, she resigned her post in Los Angeles and opened a law firm in New York City, along with her Father, and former associate at the LA D.A.’s office, Sebastian Stark.
Jennifer Garcia
Administrator of the The Shop in NYC, Jennifer is the most public face of the CIA’s Secret R&D Division. She can even be found many times wandering the floor of the Verizon Wireless Front, as the manager, however, more often than not, her duties underground keep her tied to her desk, away from the public.
Affiliation: The Shop
Agent Pete Lattimer
Agent Lattimer is a U.S. Secret Service agent, seconded to the titular Warehouse 13, where his work involves collecting artifacts, under conditions of highest classification secrecy. He is smart, handsome, athletic, and has a knack for quick thinking.
Affiliation: Warehouse 13
Susanna Hoffman
Susanna Hoffman is a 16yr old magician of The House of Life, and the channel for the Egyptian goddess, Nephthys
Affiliation: The House of Life
Agent Myka Bering
Agent Bering is a U.S. Secret Service agent, seconded to the titular Warehouse 13, where her work involves collecting artifacts, under conditions of highest classification secrecy. Myka is smart, organized, and has a scrupulous eye for detail.
Affiliation: Warehouse 13
Alleria “Lucy” Windrunner
Lucy Windrunner, whose real name is Alleria Windrunner, is a Creature of Shadow, a High Elf, originating on the world of Azeroth. She was the Mind Thrall of the Kemmlerite Necromancer, David Akon, and is currently recovering from his treatment of her, under the care of Dr. Donald Blake.
Karl Kolchak
Karl Kolchak is an investigative reporter for the New York Times, whose wife was murdered under mysterious circumstances. He was recently hired by the NY Times after a long stint at The Los Angeles times ended due to his convictions.
Location: NY Times
Drucillia is one of the “Little Folk” of the realm of Faerie. She stands about 12 inches tall, and wears green, ‘techno’-style armor"
Affiliation: Winter Court
Juliet Sommers
Juliet is a Stage 2 Termination Droid developed by The Shop. She is a highly respected, highly paid, professional assassin.
Affiliation: The Shop
John Fumus, aka Smauverovax
Mr. Fumus, or John, is in actuallity the golden scaled dragon, Smauverovax, self-appointed protector of New York City against supernatural threats of a ‘godly’ level. For less powerful threats, he has emissaries who operate throughout the city
Affiliation: Smauverovax
Shayleigh, The Summer Queen’s Hand
Fae troubleshooter answering only to The Summer Queen, Titania
Affiliation: Summer Court
Curtis Manning, Host of Lasciel
Ex-Counter Terrorist Unit Operative, believed dead, now host to the Fallen Angel, Lasciel.
Affiliation: Denarians
Adrika Niranjana
Former Apprentice to Necromancer David Akon, ally of the demon Baphomet. Believed by many to be the mysterious figure known as, The Master
Affiliation: The Master
Anastasia Natalia Komananov
Ex-KGB Colonel, Red Court Vampire, and Head of Security for the Escobado Cartel
Affiliation: Escobado Cartel
Nikolai Tesla
Nicolai Tesla, Chief Scientist/Researcher/Inventor,
for The Shop. Also infected by the Red Court.
Affiliation: The Shop
Dennis Harrel
Former US Colonel and Pilot. Director of The Shop
Affiliation: The Shop
Katherine Sanguinpiedra
Operative of The Shop, Troubleshooter
Affiliation: The Shop
Rebecca Abendana
Ex-Israeli Fixer and Weapons Dealer
Lyla, The Lady of Spring
The Spring Lady, last remnant of the Fae Spring Court
Rebecca Charles
Mercenary/Troubleshooter For Hire
Location: Studio 54
Annona, The Lady of Autumn
The Autumn Lady, last remnant of the Fae Autumn Court
Location: Little Italy
Maxwell Jones
Construction Foreman and Mafioso Troubleshooter
Lori Quaid
Young, beautiful, socialite, college professor, and succubus
Location: CUNY SI
James Hitchcock
Gun slinger and bounty hunter, killed in 1881 and resurrected as a ‘Harrowed’ by The Master, in 2013.
Affiliation: The Master
Alicia Washington
Half demon Assassin for Hire. Beautiful and Deadly, father is an incubus in the service of the Demon Lord, Valmarkham.
Location: Studio 54


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