S Meliorare LLC



Face: Dr. Elonzo Dargenti
Dr. Dargenti runs S. Meliorare LLC, though little is known about him. He is amicable to visitors, happy to answer any questions people may have regarding his company and its research. He will also deny all rumors that Dr. Wu, of the Jurassic Park movies is based on him.
Themes & Threats
Theme: Science should serve man, not man, science

Aspect: Building a Better Tomorrow for Our Children

Aspect: Never Speak of What We Do Here

The offices of S. Meliorare are located just outside of NYC proper, near the intersection of routes 1 & 95. A lot of genuine science happens with their walls, but the overall mood of the place is one of cutthroat competition.

They have enjoyed mixed success. Through selective breeding, they have isolated a gene that will result in Wizard’s Constitution, and have an are close to isolating genes for magical aptitude. With the recent rise of the Formor, a certain level of fierce competition has arisen; Dr. Dargenti has put out a general request for samples of Formor bio-grafts.

S Meliorare LLC

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