Saundra Smythe



Saundra Smythe
High Concept: Red Court Sniper/Bodyguard with Divided Loyalties

The Red Court Vampire known as Saundra Smythe was originally born Sheila Sterling, in London, England. When she turned 18, Sheila joined the British military, where she excelled as a marksman, and eventually transferred to the Special Air Service (SAS). After a distinguished career, and decorated twice for Valor, she retired from the military and took up the life of a paid mercenary.

As a mercenary, she operated under the alias, Scope, earning a reputation for professionalism, as well as a sizable fee for her services. She spent most of her time as a mercenary operating in Africa and South
America, most recently, in the small nation of Arulco, where she was a key participant in the reverse coup there, led by the small nation’s elected president. It was during her time in Arulco that she became infected by the Red Court.

Shortly after returning to England, she was assaulted by a group of hoodlums in the darker parts of London, and lost all control of her new-found hunger, killing the teenagers and fully becoming a member of the Red Court. On that night, Sheila Sterling died, and Saundra Smythe was born. An almost instinctual drive brought her back to South America, where she came into contact with Ernesto Escobado, who took her into his family, recognizing her for he she really was. Ernesto reinforced the Saundra Smythe alias, providing evidence of birth, as well as Sheila’s death, and assisting Saundra in becoming an American citizen when the Cartel relocated to New York. Since then she has been Escobado’s personal bodyguard and his most trusted troubleshooter.

However, shortly after coming to New York, Saundra and her lover, the vampire Jesus Martinez, came into contact with Lazarus Jacobs. Jacobs, after several meetings, also won Smythe’s loyalties, and she now leads a double life, protecting Escobado when needed, and performing tasks for Lazarus and his lieutenant, Risa Hirano. This double life ended with the deaths of Jacobs and Hirano and Martinez. Saundra is now firmly back to work as Escobado’s protector and killer.

Saundra Smythe

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