Sheila Howe



Sheila Howe
High Concept: Overindulgent White Court Debutante
Sheila is the daughter of Robert Howe, current head of House Howe. As his daughter, she has received all the benefits he can provide her with from his position, and that money can buy

Having been a full White Court since she was 13, she has ensured she remains well fed, while also maintaining that all her partners, survive their time with her, so that she can continue to utilize them for food, pleasure, and other advantages. Unlike her other sisters, Sheila does think beyond her Hunger (slightly) and has maintained a focus on people of power to take as food, utilizing them to guarantee should something befall her father, she will be well
protected. (And she, in fact is, being the power behind the throne of House Howe, manipulating and controlling her brother, Robert)

Sheila Howe

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