Shop Around The corner



Face: Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen has always been the one running the Shop Around The Corner. Whispers fly around the community about Kathleen’s true nature, everything from an Immortal to a goddess. Whatever the truth may be, Kathleen is always ready to listen, offer free advice, and seems to always have the book,drink or snack, that one seems to need.
Themes & Threats
Theme: A Small Bookstore/Coffeeshop where the Supernatural Crowd Gathers

Aspect: Accorded Neutral Grounds

Aspect: Someplace Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Visually, the Shop Around the Corner looks like any other small little store one would find in Greenwich Village. However, to those more aware of the world around them, the place emanates a feeling of safety and security. The owner, Kathleen Kelly (often mistaken for Meg Ryan) runs a quaint little shop that sells books and has an adjoining coffee shop connected to it. Somehow, Kathleen runs the store with only herself and her two assistants (her brother Charlie and her husband, Leopold), and the Shop always seems open, with Kathleen smiling friendly, to those who enter. Displayed prominently behind the cash register is the “Accorded Neutral Grounds” sign that Kathleen secured during the recent Vampire War.

The Shop has existed for as long as anyone can remember, and Kathleen has always been the one running the business. Like other such places, the Shop is laid out irregularly, and looks more like something out of the World War II Era. To go with this look, Kathleen seems to have a strong liking to the Big Band Music of the World War II Era, and it can usually be heard playing from the old, but working, jukebox, softly in the background.

Shop Around The corner

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