John Fumus, aka Smauverovax
High Concept: Ancient Dragon and Protector of New York

Very little is known about the dragon, Smauverovax, other than his power is on par with that of the Faerie Queens, he calls himself a good dragon, and he has designated himself as the “Protector of New York against the greater Supernatural”.

He spends most of his time masquerading as John Fumus, a well to do business mogul who resides in Trump Tower and runs various business concerns through New York. His self appointed Protectorship has brought him into several conflicts with such varied groups as The Lucciano Syndicate, The Escobado Cartel, The Agency, and even The

Fumus has many operatives throughout New York, whom he calls his emissaries – all of the beings are of extraordinary capability and most, but not all, are of a supernatural bent. Few can claim to have seen his true form, and only his elven lover, Tauriel Elessidil, knows where his lair (and requisite dragon horde) resides, though it is believed to be somewhere beneath Manhattan Island.

Smauverovax can call many beings of power as his allies, including the Olympian Goddess Athena, Lady Annona of Autumn, Balthazar and Veronika Blake, and the Immortal Connor Macleod


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