What follows is a collection of custom designed stunts available in a Shadows Over New York Campaign. The Majority of these stunts originated within the DFRPG Community on Jim Butchers Forums, primarily the topic dilligently compiled by Sanctaphrax

While each of these stunts are available, please remember that stunts MAY be created by the player, with GM approval, and such is encouraged.

Sentry: You have the ability to wait, devoting your full effort to watchfulness, for hours on end. Add two to your Alertness skill as long as you stand and watch.
Wily: Your survival depends on quickly assessing your surroundings for threats and resources. You may use your Alertness skill instead of your Investigation skill to search an area, but you won’t necessarily understand what you’ve found.

Sportsman: Sports are your life. Pick a sport. You may use Athletics with a +2 bonus to play that sport.
Reading the Line of Fire: You can tell where the bullets will go before the trigger is pulled. Increase your athletics skill by 2 when using it to dodge gunfire.
Graceful Silence: Your natural poise and grace enable you to pass quietly and undetected. Use Athletics for the Skulking and Ambush trappings.
Magic Dodge: You only need to will a spell not to affect you if it can hit you in the first place. Use Athletics instead of Discipline to dodge any magical attack whose physical trappings mean getting out of the way is a valid option. Examples: a burst of fire, spikes of ice, a blast of energy, etc… Any ritual magic using a ritual link to you automatically bypasses this stunt.

Security Expert: Knowing how to case a place means that you know how to protect a place against other people with the same idea. You may use your Burglary skill to perform blocks blocking the future use of Burglary against the same target as long as you have a chance to correct the security flaws that you notice.
Five-Fingered Discount: Why buy what you can steal? You may use your Burglary skill instead of your Resources skill to “buy” things. Everything “bought” this way has the aspect “Stolen Property”.
Specialized Criminal: Thieves have specialties, just like scientists. Pick a type of thing that can be burgled (eg. banks, apartments). Add two to your Burglary skill when using it against that type of thing.

Absolute Authority: You are good at being in charge. Add two to your Contacts skill as long as you are in a position of authority over those you intend to contact.
Friends Everywhere: Your network of contacts extends around the world. You never receive a penalty to your contacts skill due to an unfamiliar area.
Chain of Command: You are a soldier, and other soldiers answer to you. Add two to your Contacts skill when using it to deal with other soldiers.
My Buddy Has One Of Those: Your friends are very willing to let you borrow whatever you need. You may use Contacts instead of Resources for equipment purchases. Anything acquired this way comes with the aspect “Not Actually Mine.”
I’m Looking For Mr Brown: You are extremely good at tracking people down. Increase your Contacts skill by two when using it to find someone. In addition, all attempts to find someone with Contacts are one time increment faster.
Too Cool for School: All the kids wanna be just like you. Add two to all Contacts rolls when dealing with young adults between high school and middle school age.
Networking: Networking is an important skill for a businessman, and you have it. Add two to your Contacts skill when using it in a corporate context.

Sermonize: Your speeches are more about passion than presentation. You may use Conviction, unmodified by Performance, to speak publicly or to convince someone on a point of morality.
Strength In The Most Desperate Hour: Your faith is always strongest in times of desperate need. When using the Desperate Hour trapping of the Righteousness power, your attack with Conviction is weapon: 2.
Sanction: Your faith in your boss, be it the archangel Uriel or Colonel Carrington, is absolute. Pick a being. Add one to your Conviction skill when acting on behalf of that being.
Stubborn Faith: You cling to your beliefs with amazing determination. You may take two additional minor consequences against attempts to make you act against your faith.
Religious Contacts: You are well loved for your piety. You may use your Conviction skill instead of your Contacts skill when dealing with people who share your religion.

Percussive Maintenance: Sometimes a malfunctioning gadget just needs a good swift kick. You may spend a fate point to make any repair attempt in one exchange. Treat all such repairs as Jury-Rigged repairs.
From Another Time: You are intimately familiar with the technology of a time other than the present. Choose a time period other than the present day. Add two to your Craftsmanship skill when dealing with stuff from that time period.

Data Manipulation: It’s easy to fool someone when you have graphs to back you up. Add two to your Deceit skill when you have statistics to back up your lies.
Con Man: You make a living off of lies. Add two to your Deceit skill when using it to get someone to give you money.
One Big Lie: Tell a lie long enough and you begin to believe it. Pick a statement that isn’t true. You get +2 to any roll made to convince someone that that statement is true.
It’s Just Creative Lying: Really, acting is just an advanced form of lying. You may use Deceit, rather than Performance, for the Playing to an Audience trapping, but only when acting.
The Appearance Of Wealth: You seem like a wealthy and powerful person, regardless of the reality. You may use your Deceit skill instead of your Resources skill for the Money Talks trapping.

Trained As A Unit: You have been extensively trained to work together with others. Increase any skill used to work together with other characters who have this stunt by two.
Control The Conversation: Your tremendous self-control gives you tremendous social control. You may use your Discipline skill to determine initiative in a social conflict.
Fearless: You are not easily scared. All attempts to intimidate you suffer a two shift penalty.

City Driver: You’ve spent most of your life driving up and down the same streets. Add one to your Driving skill on city streets and ignore one point worth of increased difficulty due to traffic.
Gunner: You’re a former military man with the training to use vehicle weaponry. Use Driving instead of Guns to use weapons mounted on vehicles.
Sailor: For you, Driving would be better described as “Sailing.” Pick a type of water vehicle. Increase your Driving skill by one when using it to operate watercraft, or by two if the watercraft is part of your chosen vehicle type.

Read You Like A Book: People’s emotions are pretty damn obvious to you. Add two to your Empathy skill when using it to read people.
Bartender’s Ear: Like any good bartender, you know how to understand drunk people. Add two to your Empathy skill when dealing with people who are under the influence of alcohol.

Spell Resistance: Your body rejects the effects of magic more effectively than most. You have a natural armor score of 1 against magic which stacks with everything.
Was That Supposed To Hurt?: You are TOUGH. You don’t avoid attacks, you just take them right. Use your Endurance skill to “dodge” attacks.

Patterns: Martial arts are actually a lot like dancing. You may use Fists instead of Performance to demonstrate martial arts moves.
Competition Fighting: You are a martial artist, not a fighter. Add one to your Fists skill as long as you aren’t in a real fight.
Board Breaking: You break stuff with your hands. Use Fists for the Breaking Things trapping of Might.
Street Fighter: You don’t fight by the rules. If there’s a piece of lead pipe lying around, you’ll use it. You may use your Fists skill to wield improvised weapons.

Killer Of Animals: Guns aren’t for killing people: they’re for killing animals. All of your attacks with guns inflict two additional stress to mundane animals.
Krav Maga Artist: You are trained in the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, which emphasizes the use of guns. You may use your Guns skill to avoid damage in physical combat.
Krav Maga Expert: (Requires Krav Maga Artist) – You are a Master of Krav Maga. Use Guns for intiative
Long-Range Combat: You’re most comfortable when your enemies are a ways away. Add 1 to your guns skill when using it to attack a character at least 2 zones away.
Personal Arsenal: You own a great number of weapons, and you get new ones all the time. Use your Guns skill instead of your Resources skill when dealing with weaponry.
Scope User: You know how to use a scope. Add two to your Guns skill when using it to make maneuvers related to aiming while using a scope or laser sight.
This… Is My BOOMSTICK!!!: Attacks made with shotguns gain a +1 to all attacks, though the player is encouraged to spout cheesy one-liners.
Pistols Akimbo: You have two hands, why use only one pistol? You may dual-wield pistols and gain the damage bonus from one plus half the damage bonus from the second rounded up. Your maximum range while dual-wielding is limited to 1 zone.

Scare ’em Straight: You are a an authority figure. Part of your job is to put the fear of the law in potential miscreants. Add 2 to your Intimidation skill when using it against someone under your authority (ie: students for a teacher, magical practitioners for a Warden).
And Your Little Dog Too: People who shrug off the most brutal threats against themselves will often fold when their loved ones are threatened. When threatening someone by threatening other people, add two to your Intimidation skill.
Rorschach-Style Information Gathering: You don’t ask nicely when there’s stuff you need to know. You may use Intimidation for the Gathering Information trapping of Contacts.
I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing: Really dedicated people are kind of scary. Add one to your Intimidation skill when using it against someone whose Conviction skill is lower than yours.

Improved Psychometry: Your investigative skills are geared more to the magical than to the mundane. Increase your investigation skill by 2 when using it for the Psychometry power.
Supernatural Detective: You specialize in the sort of cases that most cops don’t even believe in. Add two to your Investigation skill when investigating magic.
Ask Around: Asking the right questions is a big part of being a good investigator. Use your Investigation skill for the Gathering Information trapping of Contacts.
Real Detectives Improvise: Most people need a number of skills to investigate properly, but you seem to do alright without them. When using a skill to investigate something or someone, you may spend a fate point to use your Investigation skill instead. For example, you could spend a fate point to use Investigation instead of Empathy when analyzing suspects in conversation.

Transparent Veils: You have a knack for making a good veil. Veils you create do not impede outward visibility at all.
Favoured Enemy: You’ve studied how to kill certain magical creatures. Choose a type of supernatural being. All of your physical attacks inflict 2 additional stress to that type of being.
I Know Fairies: Your knowledge of the supernatural includes personal familiarity with the fey. You may use your Lore skill instead of your Contacts skill when dealing with the fey.

Clever Wrestling: You’ve wrestled against incredibly strong things before and you know how to handle it. When in a grapple with something that has a strength power, halve their power bonus to might and round down.
Power Over Finesse: Your unarmed attacks rely on brute strength rather than on clever technique. Use Might to Attack unarmed.

Artist: You are an artist, obviously. Pick a genre and a medium. You get a +1 bonus to Performance that for each.
Playing To Expectations: Being a good actor requires being a good liar. You may use Performance, rather than Deceit, for the Falsehood & Deception trapping.

Famous: You are very well known. Increase your Presence skill by 2 when using it to determine your reputation.
Encouraging Leadership: People feel braver with your support. When leading a group in a social situation you may have your Presence skill complement that of your group.

Everybody’s Buddy: People like you. Use Rapport instead of Contacts for the Knowing People or Gather Information trappings.
Poker Face: You are an absolute master of politely revealing nothing. When Closing Down, your intentions aren’t obvious until your opponent beats your Rapport.
Looks Can Be Deceiving: You’re especially good at making people think you’re on the level. You may use your Rapport skill for the trapping False Face Forward.
Good First Impression: You gain +2 to your first rapport roll when meeting someone.

Wealth Beyond Measure: You’re not just wealthy, you’re RICH. Add two to your Resources skill when using it to buy things that an ordinary person would consider too expensive to buy.
Licenses for Everything: You have a license, real or fake, to own everything under the sun. If the difficulty of the Resources roll made to acquire something would be increased due to legal restrictions you may ignore up to 2 shifts worth of increased difficulty.
Inexplicable Procurement: You can get a hold of anything, no matter how bizarre. If the difficulty of the Resources roll made to acquire something would be increased due to item rarity you may ignore up to 2 shifts worth of increased difficulty.
Access Pass: You have access to excellent scientific facilities as part of your job. You can use, but do not own, a library and workspace of Superb quality.

Cracker: Using a computer and hacking one are pretty much the same thing. You may use your Scholarship skill to defeat computerized security.
Programmer: You know how to code. You may use Scholarship to create computer programs.
Expert Appraisal: Through long experience you have developed an excellent sense of what things are worth. Increase your scholarship, investigation, or lore skill by 2 when using it to determine the value of an item.
Quick Diagnosis: You’ve been a doctor long enough that making diagnoses is routine. You may make medical assessments two time increments faster.
Gamer: You are very good at playing games. Whenever you use a skill to play a game, increase it by one.
Master Of Factoids: You know a lot of little things that have an odd way of coming in handy. Add two to your Scholarship skill when using it to Declare Minor Details.
Research Is Research: Honestly, there isn’t much difference between reading up on quantum physics and reading up on voodoo. You may use your Scholarship skill to perform research into supernatural topics.

Sneak Attack: You prefer to attack by surprise. When preparing or carrying out an ambush, add two to your Stealth skill.
Traceless: You don’t seem to leave footprints. The difficulty to track your movements is 2 shifts higher.

Outdoorsman: Your extensive field experience helps you operate in the wild. You may have your Survival skill complement your Stealth and Investigation skills as long as you are in the wilderness.
Rider: You could play a game of poker in the saddle if you wanted to. Add two to your Survival skill when using it to ride.
Urban Survivalist: You prefer the concrete jungle to the leafy one. You may use all trappings of the survival skill with a +1 bonus while in an urban environment.
Supernatural Survivalist: You’ve spent time in the Nevernever and have a pretty good idea of how to survive there. Add 2 to your Survival skill when using it in the Nevernever.
Fisherman: You fish. It’s how you get your food. When attempting to Live Off The Land in an area of water, add three to your Survival skill.

Backstab: You aren’t so much a warrior as an assassin. When attacking an unaware target, you may spend a fate point to inflict 4 additional stress with an attack.
Hidden Weapons: Your knowledge of weapons helps you conceal them. Use your weapons skill instead of your deceit skill to conceal weaponry.
Twist the Knife: You know how to exploit the wounds of your opponents. When tagging or invoking another character’s consequences in a physical conflict, add 1 to your attack roll.
Parry Everything: You can deflect bullets with a sword, or at least use your skill to make yourself harder to hit. You may use your weapons skill to defend against all physical attacks. (While it is possible to parry arrows with training, deflecting bullets would require supernatural justification, i.e. item of power, speed powers, or some sort of precognition.)
Defeat Armor: You are a master of finding weak spots in a coat of armor. All of your attacks with weapons ignore 1 point of armor rating.
Mounted Combat: You know how to fight from atop a horse. Add one to your weapons skill while riding an animal.
Weapon Focus: You’ve trained to use a specific type of weapon. Choose a type of weapon. Add one to your weapons skill while wielding that type of weapon.
Weapon Specialization: You know how to attack effectively with a specific type of weapon. Choose a type of weapon. Your attacks with that type of weapon inflict one additional stress.
Shield Carrier: You know how to use a shield. Add one to your physical armor score as long as you are carrying a shield.
Quick Draw: You can draw and use a weapon in a single motion. You take no penalty when drawing a weapon as a supplemental action (page YS:213); if you’re in a race to see who draws first, or anything else having to do with your speed or ability to draw, gain a +1 on the roll.
Iaijutsu: (Requires Quick Draw) You are trained in iaijutsu, the art of drawing a sword. The first attack you make with a sword each scene gets a +1 bonus to hit and inflicts two additional stress.


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