Susanna journal episode 4


Susanna’s Journals
Episode 4: This World Is But A Canvas To Our Imagination

From the Diary of Susanna Hoffman

Dear Diary,
I helped the others defeat David Akon, The Necromancer, yesterday. More importantly, I showed I could be of help to them, and to Andromeda.

I told my friends from school about Andromeda, but they don’t believe me, especially Charlotte. Then again, Charlotte takes great pleasure in putting me down, because she has money and I don’t. Sometimes I wish I could show her what I can really do, or introduce her to Bast.

Regardless of Charlotte, Andromeda has not only told me I was a help, but has kept in touch with me. She’s even promised to help me with my upcoming prom. She’s going to help me get a dress to wear and everything. Just wish I had a date.

Dear Diary,

It’s been a few days since I last posted, but things here at Brooklyn House have been nuts. Sadie and Carter and the rest showed up out of the blue. They finished dealing with Akon’s undead in London. Which let me tell them (with Bast backing me up) just what I did while they were gone and how I was instrumental in defeating Akon.

Carter was a bit disbelieving, but Sadie seemed really proud of me. Maybe she doesn’t hate me after all?

Dear Diary,

OK, things were a bit easier when the others considered me ‘useless’. I’ve been busy reporting to the High Ups in The House for a few days about Akon, as well as about the others in the group I assisted. They seemed truly nervous of the involvement of a White Council Wizard. Seems The House has been going out of their way to not be noticed by The White Council. How was I to know? No one told me. Now they’re worried the White Council is going to drag them into some war with The Red Court.

Can’t worry about that too much now. Got finals coming up in a few weeks and need to start studying.

Dear Diary,

Andromeda called me today, wanting to see how I was doing and such. She took me out to lunch at Rockefeller Center, and then we went shopping. She bought me a TON of clothes, most I don’t know when I’ll ever wear something so elegant. Most of it is far to dressy or sexy for someone plain like me, though Andromeda tells me otherwise.

We spent alot of time talking about me. She seemed so interested in where I come from, what life was like back in Grantville. What my dreams and aspirations are. Things like that. Carter says I should be more careful, that she’s probably stalking me. He’s wrong though. That’s not Andromeda. She’s a good friend. The best I’ve ever had.

Dear Diary,

The others have left The House again. Seems there is an issue in Egypt requiring Divine Intervention. I’d be going as well, if it weren’t for my upcoming finals. I graduate this year after all, and HAVE to pass them.

Dear diary,

Bast woke me up early today. Seems a favor from The House has been called in, and since I was the only one here, it fell to me. Calliope, one of the Muses that accompanied Osiris, is being drained somehow, and needs help stopping it. Seems the Olympians are ignoring her too.

Andromeda and her companions have also been called upon, so, I’ll be working with them again. Thank Thoth I am ready for my finals.

Guess it is a good thing I wasn’t in Egypt with the others.

Dear Diary,

We’re making progress on the Calliope issue. Looks like someone named Adrika Niranjana is the one draining her, using the Tablet originally used by Homer. One of the group, Cameron Tam, has left, to lead assassins off of the trail of the rest of us. She’s awfully brave, even if she does scare me sometimes.

Charlotte also had to eat her words as Andromeda called her personally to tell her I wasn’t lying.

Dear Diary,

I tried patching things up between Andromeda and her ex-girlfriend Siobhan, but no luck. The girl is really angry with Andromeda. Andromeda tells me Siobhan has even contacted her, suggesting that Andromeda and me are in a relationship. Crazy, right? I admire Andromeda alot, but, sorry, she’s got the wrong plumbing for me.

Andromeda did surprise me today though. She arranged not only for my prom dress and a limo to take me and pick me up, but my date. Liam Hemmsworth. SERIOUSLY. She also did this by telling me at lunch. A lunch where she took me, and my friends (including Charlotte) out and told me in front of all of them. Andromeda is just too awesome.

Dear Diary,

Well, the new tricks Bast taught me worked. We retrieved the Tablet from Adrika (as well as a nuclear bomb) though she got away. Siobhan was there too, though she seemed to have been mind-screwed. Andromeda was worried about her after the fight. I think my friend still has feelings for Siobhan.

The battle itself was pretty scary, actually. There was alot of ghouls with assault rifles, and some creature that Terri says is a Rawhead, a creature of Winter. And then there was Adrika. We thought she had no magical abilities. Seems we were wrong. We emerged from the tunnel into the basement of her house only to be confronted by some half naked demon chick with six arms and a snake’s torso. She ripped into Terri pretty good too. Then there was the Arab guy with the machine gun. He and Adrika ran for it as soon as we beat their demon-chick, but, Terri ran him down. Adrika escaped though.

Dear Diary,

Well, I get to be more normal now. The House is quiet, the others still in Egypt, and the day of the Prom swiftly approaches. I’ve actually spoken to Liam twice now, and he seems like such a sweet guy (I can see why Miley Cyrus is still with him aside from his looks). I can’t wait.

Dear Diary,

The prom was yesterday.
Susanna hoffman prom picture

It was more than I could possibly imagine. Liam arrived on time, in a limo. He had a corsage for me, and after Bast went nuts taking pictures, he took my arm in his and walked me to the limo. On the way to the Prom, we talked, and he admitted he was looking forward to the evening. I laughed, after all, why would a big movie start like him, engaged to Miley Cyrus, be looking forward to a Senior Prom at a dinky private school in Long Island, with me of all people?

Still, we had enjoyable conversation the entire trip. When we arrived at the Prom, it was beautiful. A DJ spun some of my favorites (I smiled when Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream came on, as I think I’m living that song) and Liam proved to be a wonderful dancer. All the girls were jealous of me, and Liam continuously complimented me on how pretty I am.

After dinner was over, we danced some more, and they announced Prom King and Queen. Liam and I WON. It had to be because of who my date was, but me? Prom Queen???

Afterwords, Liam had the Limo take us to Central Park, and he took me for a carriage ride under the moonlight. I told him he didn’t have to do this, that the evening was wonderful, but he insisted. He said he didn’t want the night to end. he even had paid someone to have them turn the Carousel on in the park, just for the two of us.

After that, the carriage took us back to our limo, which took us to Liam’s hotel. I thought that was the end of the evening, but it wasn’t. Liam, almost shyly, asked me if I’d like to come up for a drink. How could I say no? So, I found myself riding the elevator up to his hotel room, where he had strawberries and champagne delivered. I know I shouldn’t have, but I had a glass or two.

And that’s not all I had. I spent the night with Liam, and it was…magical. He was kind, gentle, and caring. The first time hurt a little bit, it was my first time after all, but after that, it felt magical.

It’s now the middle of the afternoon, and I’ve only just returned to Brooklyn House to write this. Liam actually wants another date (I guess those rumors about him and Miley were true). He’s coming by later today to take me to dinner again, and then we’re off to see a Broadway Show. I need to go and call Andromeda to tell her all about it and thank her for everything. This may sound silly, but I think I’m falling in love with Liam.

None of this would have happened if it were not for Andromeda and her friends. Romy is like a sister to me, and the others not only have treated me as an equal, but have listened to some of my ideas. I treasure them all. Charles, V.S., David, Jane, Terri, even Cameron. Thank the Gods I met them all.

Dear Diary,

Dinner yesterday was wonderful. Liam is wonderful. And Wicked was wonderful. And I spent the evening again with Liam. I just hope he doesn’t get into trouble for this. Though he doesn;t know, at Romy’s suggestion, I had Bast sign a consent form for me and him. Her being legal guardian and all.

I write this from Liam’s room. Romy took us both to Studio 54, and it was everything I imagined. And, by Isis, there were alot of famous people there tonite. I met Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, Robert Downy Jr., Jason Staitham, Nikki Minaj, even Madonna. And I spent time speaking with each of them. It was so freaking cool. And all the time, Liam had me on his arm, letting everyone know I was his date. Even the photographers! I guess he and Miley are history. It boggles my mind that all these famous people pay to get inside Studio, only to hang out in a basement.

I got the full tour, and the things going on in the Balcony…I didn’t know people could do those things. Liam and I lost Andromeda up there for a while as she got, distracted. Comes with having Aphrodite as a mother I think.

Liam and I spent most of the time on the dance floor. I avoided the alcohol and drugs offered me by the bartenders, as did my date, and enjoyed the evening. Romy even joined us, eventually, on the dance floor as well, though, Liam and I left together, as Romy left earlier with Jason Staitham.

Susanna journal episode 4

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