Tellorias Journal Season Three Episode 5



Telloria is sitting in front of her table, a blank page in front of her along with an ornate pen along with a steaming mug of tea, the lights are off as they normally are with candles lighting up the place giving it a nice but dim ambiance which is the way she prefers it, as it reminds her of home.
Telloria Sits down at her table musing about the events of the past few days as she contemplates what she is going to write to her mother, lifting up her pen she starts to write, thinking as she does. Telloria is writing for a good while until she gets to the good parts. “Well Mother Illidan is no longer an enemy he is an ally of sorts, not that I fully trust him but so far he has kepped his end of the bargan, but he is still the betrayer so I am wary, yet I have a strange feeling this time he just might stay that way as the most interesting thing happened and a bit unnerving at the same time, Elune came to us, no not in a dream but in person, maybe not in the flesh but as close as I figure she could come, something that if I remember correctly never once happened. Well she told Illidan something, I know not what but he seemed to understand and accept it. But that is what happens when a goddess changes her routine and comes to see you in person. But enough about the Betrayer, outside of the fact yes I know this was petty it warmed my heart to see the Betrayer betrayed but that is another story.

Back to me, well you will be happy and Father probably a little sad but understanding, Illidan was not the only reason Mother Moon came to see us, she also came to let me know that it was time for me to resume my true calling, I am sure you know what this means, I am no longer a druid, I am once again a Sentinel but beyond that I am a Priestess.” As Telloria finishes this sentence musing on her change saying softly to herself “Me a Priestess who would have thought.” It was at this point she hears the buzzer ring letting her know her guest has arrived. “Looking down at the paper, “well mother wish me luck.” As she hits the button letting her friend in.

As the two old friends embrace she seems Alleria smile, but also sees a very haunted look on her friends face. She invites her friend in, as she closes the door and takes a large breath in, a little scared of what she is intending to do, but resolved that her goddess would never intentionally harm her, but knowing this is the only thing she can do to try to help her friend so she never gets taken over again.

So for the next few hours the two friends caught up, until Alleria gets to the point as she looks right into Tellorias face “ok, Telloria, spill’, I know you to well.. You are a fairly good tracker, damn good at not being seen in the wilderness, and you were always fine with either a bow or the glaive, but the one thing you were never good at was lying, so now I am asking what is really going on. Not that I am sad to see another from our world, a good friend no less but I can see all over your face that you have something in mind, but are a bit scared about bringing it up.”

Telloria looking a bit sheepish “ok, Allieria you could always read me, so I will be blunt, I might have a way to make sure no one can take control of you again.” Holding up her hand “Before you say anything please let me finish, this won’t cure you, that will take a lot longer, and I am sure quite a bit of therapy. I know someone that might be able to help you with that aspect, but if I am correct I can remove the compulsion aspect from you.” Alleria looks on interested in what Telloria is saying, “My intention is and I have had confirmation that she will help, as I am her Chosen priestess, yes I know it was a shock to me also. But back to the topic at hand, my plan is to channel Elunes power through me enhancing the power she instilled in me and into you to cure you of the compunction effects of Kemlers so someone can never play puppet master with you again allowing you to finally get on with your life in whatever manner you so choose.” Alleria looking at Telloria skeptical but and gives her a wain smile “Telloria, I trust you a trust forced in the crucible of war, also you are one of the few I have ever let in or cared for beyond killing Orcs. That being said, I have my Misgivings as I do not follow your goddess and her claims she can do what you say.” Telloria seeing the one thing she never though she would a vulnerability in her friend as she opens her mouth to try to convince her friend when Alleria raises a hand stopping Telloria from speaking “That being said, my trust of you and my wish to never become a pawn again outweighs my misgivings… so my good friend I am willing to let you try” *giving Telloria huge smile “but if you kill me I will haunt you” this comment gives Telloria a chuckle’ “Thank you Alleria with that out of the way, let us retire to my shrine to Elune.

For the next thirty six hours without food or drink as the two of them performed the ritual. Telloria was standing behind her friend with her hands poised over Allerias head as she performed the proper ritual and spells, as she started to feel the power building up inside her a bit of her own power combined with Elunes power, as the power continued to flow into her a small bit at a time. Telloria started to move her hands as she was staring into space but instead she was looking at a rats nest of string that that wrapped around Allerias brain. Telloria knew she had to be quick but careful as she knew if she took too much time she could burn herself out and damage her friend permanently. So for the next while she quickly yet deftly unraveled the string feeling it starting to fight back as she continued to unravel the nest. Each time a piece was removed it flashed and disappeared but not without lashing out at Telloria, wounds that Elune would quickly heal. Telloria also felt Alleria fighting alongside her giving her as much support as she could, but not being able to help directly. With Allerias help and Elune and hers combined power Telloria was able to fight through the pain and fatigue this was causing her.

By the end of the Thirty-sixth hour Telloria was at the last strand but she knew she couldn’t last much longer, as Elune had filled her with as much power as she was able to without burning her out Telloria was able to remove the last strand, hoping it was enough. She felt Elune slowly withdrawing her power at the same moment Telloria felt herself wobble completely drained from both the lack of food and extreme strain she was able to grab hold onto a chair before she succumbed to extreme exhaustion, waking up a few hours later, lying in bed her real form showing for all to see, as she looks around she sees both Alleria and Joe sitting next to her bed concern lifting from their faces as she opened her eyes.

Tellorias Journal Season Three Episode 5

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