Terris Journal Episode 6



Crisis of Conscious

Adrika fires another soulblast at her and Terri doesn’t even think as her body reacts on it’s own diving between V.S. & The Horseman, not really caring which of them is used as cover from the spell. She CAN NOT take another hit from that … the small, cowering little girl in the back of her mind would argue the point that she didn’t survive the first one IF her mind was capable of forming anything as complex as an actual thought. The panicked sprint through the abandoned casino was a blur just as if she had used her wolfhound’s supernatural speed and she most definitely would have if Adrika’s spell hadn’t “Shattered her Faith in WINTER”.

Conscious thought starts to return to her as she is driving the van almost 60 miles away from Atlantic City in the middle of nowhere. She didn’t even think about abandoning the rest when she had run away from Adrika and effectively took half of the group’s transportation. Were they alright? Did we win? Do I even care? Great Winter that hurt … I have never felt anything like whatever that bitch hit me with. Terri’s hands are still shaking, visible evidence of the turmoil in her soul. " Leanansidhe, I need your aid. Leanansidhe I summon you. Leanansidhe I request a boon of thee. Mother help me!" … no one appears. There is only silence broken by the occasional ping of the van’s cooling engine in response. What could possibly be the …. Oh yeah, AUTUMN was meeting the QUEENs at the Stone Table. How could I have forgotten about that? What the hell did Adrika do to me?

“Come on Terri, get it together. Who do I know that can help figure this out?” she says aloud to break the unnerving silence. She runs thru a mental list of possibles crossing each off as she thinks of them. Sitting here in Jersey sure isn’t solving anything so Terri starts the engine and heads towards home. Maybe Dragonfly will be able to think of someone or something. With this as her only thought she drives back into the city. She realizes that the van has stopped & she is outside The Flame of Knowledge. When did I decide to come here? WHY did I decide to come here? Well, I might as well go in and see how the gang made out. She goes inside and Dolores is pouring a 2nd cup of tea & nods to a stool in front of the counter as she slides the cup in Terri’s direction.

“Drink this first, we can talk after if you want” says Dolores. At the first sip Terri thinks maybe the Brits are brilliant … nothing is truly wrong as long as you have a good cup of tea. By the time the pot is empty Terri doesn’t remember why exactly she stopped in since the rest of the gang went after Adrika in Jersey and won’t be back for hours at the earliest. It was nice chatting with Dolores though, such a calm, peaceful time. We should do this more often. Just then V.S. & Cameron come in The Flame’s front door. Before either of them can say anything Terri runs over to them & grabs both in a bear hug. “How’d y’all make out with Adrika? Y’all find out anything? I wanna hear all ’bout it” as she drags the two of them over to the counter. V.S has a “what the ..” expression on his face as the rant he was about to deliver evaporates in the face of Terri’s youthful exuberance. Cameron just looks at Dolores who nods with a slight smile as she puts the teapot and cups under the counter. Cameron answers before V.S. can say anything “It’s all taken care of but we’re a bit tired. See you tomorrow morning & we’ll all catch up?” “Sure, see you tomorrow” Terri says as she walks out the door whistling a tune.

V.S. practically chokes as he turns to the door “What in the name of all that’s holy ….. And she didn’t even seem sorry to have left us in the middle of the fight. And you just say ‘see you tomorrow’ and let her ….” as he turns to Cameron to continue his interrupted rant. “Here honey, drink this” Cameron says as she hands V.S. a cup of tea ……

Terris Journal Episode 6

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