The Hideaway



Face: Erica Maise
A tall black woman, she survived an abused childhood and the death of her mother at her fathers hand. Eventually went into the marines at age 18. Twenty years ended with her honorable discharge but no marketable skills outside of her close combat training. Deciding to help women in her mothers situation she’s been the night greeter for three years now.
Themes & Threats
Theme: A woman’s last hope

Aspect: Better than nothing

Aspect: Men not welcome

A small storefront woman’s shelter in queens the Hideaway does not have a good reputation as the facilities are sparse and not well maintained. However any woman who gets to this location is safe. No angry signifigant other has ever gotten past the front lobby. Erica Maise, the normal front desk woman, is formidable both in her demeanor and in her combat abilities

The Hideaway

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