The Watchers Council



The Watchers Council, colloquially known simply as The Council, are the governing institution of the Slayers. The Council maintains operatives throughout the world in their fight against vampires and demons. In addition, the Watchers oversee the activities of the Immortals, secretly ensuring that the ‘code’ is upheld, new Immortals are introduced to their true nature, and doing everything within their power to hold off the day when there is only one. Each Slayer is assigned a Watcher, to train and assist them in the performance of their duties. Each Immortal is assigned a Watcher whose sole job is to monitor and record daily activities

The Watchers’ Council are descended from the Shadow Men, the creators of the First Slayer in prehistoric Africa. At some point the Watchers made Great Britain their center of operations, only recently relocating everything to New York City, following the destruction of their Headquarters in London. The network of Watchers generally keeps careful tabs on subjects and tracks even the casual movements of the Immortals. Most Immortals are unaware of the Watchers. All Watchers wear a medallion of the symbol of their organization.

The Watchers’ Council has been known to use ethically questionable methods to accomplish its goals. The Council employs a trio of operatives known as the Special Operations Team. This team is responsible for some of the more unsavory aspects of the Council’s work, such as interrogations, smuggling, and, if necessary, assassinations. The Special Operations Team are drawn from The Hunters, a group of mortals, working for the Watcher’s Council, whose sole purpose is to control the Immortal population while ensuring that The Game continues.

The Watchers Council

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