VS Journal Episode 6



While I know that is has only been a short while since I have written in this book, it feels like years. Death killed Susana. The horseman of the apocalypse. It, well we kept referencing as he but I am unsure if that is correct and I there is precious little information about the horseman, chopped off hear head in the same alley we found David Stutler’s body.

That alley is becoming a magical dead zone now. This shouldn’t even be possible. But it happens in the worlds of the creatures of shadow, it seems to have followed them here.

We began trying to track down Death and who was controlling it. We eventually learned that Adrika Niranaja was controlling Death by using The Lock of Solomon. This information was compounded by a corruption of the Winter Hand and the discovery of two additional faerie courts. Spring and Autumn.
We did the typical research and complications that follow to eventually find Adrika. The process was agonizingly slow and we were sad to learn The Master is Kemmler himself. I wonder if my soulfire will allow me to destroy the very soul of this monster.

I found a way to close wounds without removing the pain and damage to the body, but it will keep someone from dying. I gave this the boring name on the spot of “Baleful Healing” but I am unsure that The Lord is going to remain happy with me if I use it frequently.

Note: find a way to speak with an angel to understand how The Lord can nudge me to certain behaviors. It is not a violation of free will, but it does take tremendous effort to oppose and it is not worth it.
We also learned that Adrika was using weapons of mass destruction and a terrorist cell (because her having necromancy, undead, and the souls of multiple slain powerful wizards of various styles isn’t enough) to cause chaos in the city. We were assuming that these weapons would spread panic and allow Kemmler to use that to fuel whatever the next step in his nightmare plan is.

We were able to stop the WMDs but it was time consuming and not that helpful in finding Adrika. Athena did show up in grand central station to stop some kind of crazy powerful magical and mundane attack. However, I do not remember it. The group said that it was from a ritual spell going slightly awry and I seemed to have lost my memory in the process of keeping the spell working properly.

After more investigation we were able to arrange a meeting with Adrika. But it didn’t go as planned and we followed her to Atlantic City. There we fought her in an abandoned hotel, The Sands I believe. We needed help to bring down the wards of the place.

The fight was brutal. Adrika seemed to use some of our tactics against us, it was not enjoyable. In addition Death was beating the hell out of me. I’m lucky I kept my arm at all. There was a minotaur (borrowed from Medusa apparently) and that kept Romy and her holy spear out of the fight. Cameron, Jane, and Charles got separated and managed to hold of hordes of undead and a few outsiders. Unfortunately they were not participating against Adrika.

Terri and I were able to bring her down, but it cost us dearly. David was hurt and fled. Terri was beaten badly and suffered for it. Romy and I were in the best shape at the end of the fight. With Adrika downed by a spell of mine, I walked over to her and used the gun Cameron gave me to kill her. Twice. I don’t want to see her again. I need to speak to Charles about binding her so that Kemmler cannot use her again.

EDITED IN: Terri is a fractured person now: herself, the dog, the wolf-woman thing, and an ice elf. What the fuck happened to her?

Our Concerns: Kemmler.
Our Problems: Patricia is the host.

If she is unaware, we can proceed but we must act quickly. If she is aware and a willing participant with Kemmler; Charles is a liabily, he is either Kemmler’s ally, a corrupted warden, or truly did not know and likely fed her loads of information about the rest of us.

I thought that day when Cameron called and called for help while fighting was the longest day of my life. We’ll see. She thinks I’m still getting dressed. Time to go help with breakfast… I may just give her permission to move in here fully and not continue with her subterfuge as if I do not notice the slightly shifted books and shelves. But I do not know how to protect the Flame and her from Kemmler attacking us at night and she doesn’t understand the dangers of magic.

VS Journal Episode 6

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