VS Journal Episode 7



Everything hurts and I’m exhausted. However I am too wired to sleep. Cameron is currently watching me, I keep telling her that I am fine and I only need to collect my thoughts about the past few days. I am unsure she is convinced. If I figure out what is going on, I can tell her.

I have changed.

I do not mean to be alarmist, but it is true. I no longer have that fear creeping into so many thoughts. Though, now, I suppose since drawing on more power than I could safely handle in the last few conflicts, The Lord has been nudging my mind.

The influence of the Almighty aside, I am different. More confident, powerful, dangerous. I worry that the White Council will find a reason to separate my head from my body to ensure that no demons run loose from my actions. Bastards, as if I take anything but precautions with the spawn of Hell.
Ah! Fuck the White Council. I will worry about that later. I am a different person from the cowardly demonologist who helped out when David Stuttler was murdered. This past day I have slain a demon-lord. Valhamarkem, Demon-Lord of Murder has been obliterated, not simply banished back to Hell. He is forever destroyed. In addition I destroyed a mummy and another lich. Oh yes, I also permanently slew a Marolith.

I wonder if Balthazar will even recognize me when he is freed of that damned jar. Note: Have Balthazar and Veronika destroy the stupid vase before someone else gets trapped for a decade
Kemmler has been trapped and locked away in a place where no one can reach him. At least that evil has been expunged from our world.

Aside from the adventures of the past few days, I have redeemed a Succubus. I also am planning to redeem one of the remaining Red-Court Vampires. Saundra Smythe, while a murderer, has been driven by the loss of her child to great evil acts. She seems to genuinely regret her actions. I hope to use this to redeem her. While I would like to imagine truly saving her life, and perhaps letting Cameron and Jane make use of her in the Agency; it is nearly beyond a doubt that this redemption will destroy her.
Might as well start as near the beginning of this mess to make some sense of it. Kemmler- the Kemmler, not some Kemmlerite necromancer, was inhabiting Patricia. She was unwittingly host to the most dangerous wizard to ever live, die, or continue in an undead form. I am unsure how he ever came to possess her, and I worry tremendously that Warden Charles Fischer is blind. His own romantic partner (since he claims calling her his girlfriend is some strange insult. I bet the constipation would end if he took the stick out of his ass) was the body of a nemesis we have been facing for months.
Our actions were tracked, analyzed, and used against us. How? Because Charles couldn’t keep it in his pants! Seriously? The archeologist and history professor can’t find some boring old facts to discuss during pillow talk? Instead he gives her a rundown of our intrepid band and lets fucking Kemmler formulate ever greater plans. And I represent a danger to the world because of my talent for utilizing demons in magic (not that anyone cares about the lives I’ve saved in exorcisms)? The White Council is blind and ignorant. They’re arrogance is their greatest weakness, and the world will be far worse off when they fall- I simply hope that I am not around to see it.

Back on topic- We had to find a way to save Patricia.

We did some digging, and maneuvering, and fighting, and dealing with Fae bullshit before finally having a ritual that would work. Then we had to prepare an assault an impenetrable fortress, on an island in Shadow, with the necromancer of necromancers waiting for us.

The solution? Use the Autumn Lady, pegasi, and a ghost to get to the island that doesn’t quite via a rented fishing party boat. Insane is one of the more adequate descriptors for the situations my companions and I seem to keep finding ourselves in.

Form there we had multiple battles. I slew a Marolith, and a demon lord, mummy and a lich. The Autumn Lady was able to put Kemmler’s spirit to sleep so that we could finagle a faerie circle to use a different ritual. Using a metronome from Apollo and information from Psyche we were able to trap Kemmler in a shard of a sword from another realm. Books and knowing people are handy.

So… we saved the world. Again. The White Council doesn’t even give a shit that a “minor talent” was there. Assholes. I kept telling Charles that his people suck. He thinks it’s a joke. Time to distance myself from the warden who didn’t notice his girlfriend was possessed. Remain professional, afterall he does business at my store; but no social calls with Warden Fischer.

Oh another thing, my Enochian Tattoo has spread, it is not visible on the back of my hand, though I don’t suppose most of my companions noticed it. It has also spread further along my chest. My defensive magic is more powerful as this correlation. Nice focus item I seem to have in my skin. If it is gone, I am sure conjuring enough power to use Soulfire defensively is the least of my problems. Cameron hasn’t complained about the tattoo, so I think it’s okay.

Next steps: have a few nights out with Cameron, evaluate new stock in the Flame, put up several wards for Lori Quaid and Maxwell Jones to protect them from Baphomet’s retribution.

VS Journal Episode 7

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