Wallabout Bay Warehouse 32



Face: Blind Man Bob
A Vietnam Vet and former Homeless resident of The City Beneath, Blind Man Bob now watches over the Warehouse and those seeking help from the Arts Center, with the assistance of Fluffy, the Center’s resident Dogasaurus Rex. He also makes a modest living as a dog walker
Face: Fluffy
Fluffy is a Tibetan Temple Dog inhabited by the power of a Dog of the Wyld Hunt. How he ended up in the Warehouse is anyone’s guess. Fluffy also seems to those in the know, to have a strange connection to Winter. However, the dog is loyal to Blind Man Bob and any living in or staying at, The Warehouse
Themes & Threats
Theme: Artists Home and studio

Aspect: Haven of Creative Balance

Aspect: A Place Of Inbetweens

Also known locally as The Brown Forrest, the former warehouse was purchased and extensively renovated by the slightly eccentric artist known as Snocone. The warehouse itself was subdivided into a gallery, a work studio and a personal apartment. There is what looks like a Viking Longhouse outside the front fence with a banner sign proclaiming “Community Art Center – all are welcome”. By day it is used primarily as a daycare for the locals and by night as a shelter, both are run & staffed by the 21st Street Mission. The grounds surrounding the warehouse itself are planted with many species of hardwoods averaging 25 to 35 feet tall which almost completely block sight of the structure. Only the southern wall of the warehouse is visible from offsite (facing Brooklyn House) and that is covered by a very eye catching mural, especially spectacular at sunrise.

The gallery takes almost two thirds of the first floor. Most of the artwork on display is from local artists ranging in age from 4 to 44. The caretaker, a former local homeless man known as Blind Man Bob, has an apartment off of the gallery itself. The second floor contains Snocone’s work studio and private apartment. The only other full time resident is ‘Fluffy’, a huge jet black wolfhound that “only keeps me around to open doors” as Bob is fond of saying. The Brown Forest has been mostly well received by the neighborhood and many can be heard commenting “… must have cost a fortune to ship in all those trees … looks nice though, don’t it?”

Wallabout Bay Warehouse 32

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