Anastasia Komananov


The Usual Suspects (NPCs)
Anastasia Natalia Komananov
High Concept: Ex-KGB Colonel, Red Court Vampire

Anastasia Natalia Komananov was born in Moscow at the height of the Cold War, the daughter of a Bolshoi Ballerina and a high ranking member of the Politboro. Recruited at 16, by KGB director, Nikolay Borissovich Gerasimov, she was trained in information gathering, observation, several martial arts, and, of course, seduction. She rose quickly through the ranks, eventually serving as a colonel in the KGB, Third Chief Directorate. On October 10, 1986, during an attempted coup against Mikhail Gorbachev during the Reykjavik Summit, she was thwarted by Aleera DeCarlo, a Red Court Vampire (and
Noble), who used her condition to fight against The Soviet Dominance of her homeland (Transylvania, in Romania). DeCarlo thought it ironic to turn the key component to Gerasimov’s coup attempt and use her against him. Upon turning, Komananov shared everything she knew about the coup, and the two easily defeated Gerasimov.

For several years after, Anastasia server her ‘progenetor’ loyally, until DeCarlo was slain by members of The Fellowship of St. Giles, in early 1991. With DeCarlo’s death, Komananov was free to do as she pelased, and after selling her servic3es on the open market as a mercenary for several years, she was recruited by The Escobado Cartel, both for her skills, and for her current state. She is fiercely loyal to Reynaldo Escobado, the head of the cartel, but has little use for his chosen successor, his daughter Roberta Escobado. Many expect Roberta to try to remove Anastasia from play, upon he ascension to the Cartel’s Head.

One final tidbit: prior to her death, Col. Komananov had been caricatured in a “tawdry” British spy novel as a “slinky femme fatale”, much to her chagrin. To this day, that portrayal haunts her and many use it to tease and prod her.

Anastasia Komananov

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