Coney Island


Locations – Brooklyn
Coney Island

The Idea: America’s Playground
The Aspect: Red Court Money Laundering Scheme
The Face(s): Maria Gonzalez (Red Court Infected Park Manager)
Coney Island is possibly best known as the site of amusement parks and a major resort that reached their peak during the first half of the 20th century. It declined in popularity after World War II and endured years of neglect. In recent years, the area has seen the opening of MCU Park and has become home to the minor league baseball team the Brooklyn Cyclones. Recently, Coney Island has seen a resurgence in popularity with the opening of the New Astroland, highlighted by a fully restored Cyclone Roller Coaster.

What is not known publicly is that the corporation behind the New Astroland is the Red Court, specifically the Escobado Cartel. All the rides and fun enjoyed by the public is built 100% on drug money, and the Amusement Park functions as a perfect cover for laundering the dirty money. This setup has caused several skirmishes between the Cartel and members of the Lucciano Syndicate, in support of the dwindling power of the Corleone Family.

Coney Island

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