Corleone Estate


Locations – Queens
Corleone Estate

The Idea: Home of Winter Allied Mafioso
The Aspect: They will make you an offer you can’t refuse
The Face(s): Michael Corleone (Don of the family)
Home of the notorious Corleone Family since it’s inception, the Estate encompasses almost 20 well guarde3d acres in Queens. The family traces its roots to 1920, when Vito Corleone assassinated Little Italy’s padrone, Don Fanucci, and took over Fanucci’s territory along with fellow hoodlums Genco Abbandando, Peter Clemenza and Salvatore Tessio. Shortly afterward, he founded the Genco Pura Olive Oil Company as a front for his criminal activities. Around 1925, Vito formally organized the family, with Genco as his consigliere and Peter and Sal as caporegimes. They became the second most powerful crime family in New York (2nd only to Lucciano) after defeating Salvatore Maranzano during the Olive Oil War in the early 1930s. It was during this time that Vito’s eldest son, Sonny, made his reputation and eventually became a capo himself.

In 1945, a business proposition from a drug baron, Virgil “The Turk” Sollozzo, nearly destroyed the family. An assassination attempt hospitalised Don Vito. His eldest son, Sonny, was forced to take action. The situation further escalated when the youngest Corleone brother Michael killed both Sollozzo and the corrupt Police Captain McCluskey, forcing him to flee to Sicily. This event triggered the Five Families War. The war claimed the life of acting don Sonny, and the still weak Don Vito sued for peace with the other families, realising that his true enemy was Emilio Barzini, who was attempting to crush the Corleones and take their place in New York.

After Don Vito’s retirement, followed by his death from a heart attack, the family business was taken over by Michael, who exacted vengeance on the rival family’s dons along with Moe Greene, Carlo Rizzi and Sal Tessio for conspiring with the rival heads. After this, Michael moved the family to Las Vegas, Nevada. Michael was attempting to make his business legitimate, but was drawn back into crime after a failed attempt on his life by Miami gangster and old friend and business partner of the Corleone family, Hyman Roth, who was attempting to stop the takeover of Las Vegas. This action evantually resulted in Roth’s death. Michael’s older brother Fredo, had been ensnared by Roth to conspire against the Corleones. At their mother’s funeral, Michael sanctioned the assassination of his surviving older brother. Soon after, the family returned to New york.

Since then, the family’s power has slowly declined, and only with the protection of Lucky Lucciano, has the family survived. However, unknown to Lucky or anyone else, Don Michael has made a ‘deal’ with the Leaninshide to increase the family’s power and prestige. So far, this has been subtle help, as several glamoured fae have insinuated themselves into the family business with Don Michael’s blessing.

Corleone Estate

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