Locations – Staten Island

The Idea: City College
The Aspect: A Warden Teaches Here
The Face(s): Professor Alfred Newcastle (Warden of NYC/Professor of English)
The College of Staten Island is a four-year, senior college of The City University of New York that offers exceptional opportunities to all of its students. Programs in the liberal arts and sciences and professional studies lead to bachelor’s and associate’s degrees. The master’s degree is awarded in 16 professional and liberal arts and sciences fields of study. The College participates in doctoral programs of The City University Graduate School and University Center in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Physics.

A broad general education is assured through requirements that allow students to explore a range of fields of knowledge and acquire educational breadth in mathematics, the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. Requirements for the bachelor’s degree provide a disciplined and cumulative program of study in a major field of inquiry. Enrollment in baccalaureate programs requires freshman admission standards consonant with those of CUNY senior colleges. Enrollment in associate’s degree programs is open to all students with a high school diploma or the equivalent.

Completed in 1994, the 204-acre campus of CSI/CUNY is the largest site for a college in New York City. Set in a park-like landscape, the campus is centrally located on Staten Island. Mature trees and woodlands, flowering trees and ornamental plantings, fields and outdoor athletic facilities, the great lawn, sculpture, and seating areas create a rural oasis in an urban setting.

Fourteen renovated neo-Georgian buildings serve as classrooms, laboratories, and offices. The academic buildings house 300 classrooms, laboratories and instructional spaces, study lounges, department and program offices, and faculty offices.

North and South Academic Quadrangles are connected by the Alumni Walk, with the Library and Campus Center as focal points. The Center for the Arts is located midway between the Quadrangles at the fountain plaza. The Sports and Recreation Center and the athletic fields are located near the main entrance to the campus.

Recently installed as the Head of the English Department, Professor Alfred Newcastle, formerly of Oxford University in England, is also the senior of the two Wardens stationed in New York City. His time in New York has been fairly successful, considering the Vampire War continues to rage. So far, Newcastle has successfully kept the war from causing too much havoc on the Campus, and unlike many other Wardens, he has been quick to make allies outside of the Council, including Connor Macleod (an Immortal), Alaska Vanderbilt (Pyromancer scion of the Vanderbilt Family), Thor Mjölnerson (Leader of the Cult of Thor), and Balthazar Blake (Last apprentice of Merlin).


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