Dragonflys Gentlemans Club


Locations – Queens
Dragonfly’s Gentlemen’s Club

The Idea: Summer (Formerly Winter) Owned Strip Club
The Aspect: Never seen more beautiful…fae?
The Face(s): Dragonfly (Summer Fae Owner)
Dragonfly’s is known throughout the City as the place for the most expensive, exotic, sensual, and beautiful Exotic dancers anywhere. Headliners and Porn Stars fight to dance at Dragonfly’s. Dragonfly’s is the place where dreams come true, and House Howe would LOVE to get their hands on it.

The problem is that Dragonfly’s is wholly owned, managed, and staffed by Summer Fae. The owner, Dragonfly, is a Summer noble, in good standing with the court, and a favorite of Lady Ariel (and formerly a Winter Fae in good standing with the court and a favorite of The Leananshide). All of the girls in Dragonfly’s, with the exclusion of the Headliners and Porn Stars, are Summer Fae as well. Through her girls and the club, Dragonfly has amassed a great number of favors from her patrons, and a great amount of power, both in the mortal world and within the Nevernever.

The sales line of dragonfly’s is “Where all your dreams come true” and that’s true, but always with a price.

Dragonflys Gentlemans Club

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