Escobado Mansion


Locations – Bronx
Escobado Mansion

The Idea: Mansion in the Bronx
The Aspect: Red Court Stronghold
The Face(s): Roberta Escobado (Eldest Daughter and Family Spokesperson/Red Court Vampire)
Near the northern edges of The Bronx lies a expansive area of forest and carefully manicured lawns and gardens. Hidden amongst this collection of nature is the Escobado Mansion, an old mansion once owned by the Rockefellers, it is now the ‘Headquarters’ of the Escobado Cartel.

From the beautiful mansion, the commands of Reynaldo Escobado, the head of the Cartel, issue forth, guiding both the criminal drug elements of the Cartel, as well as the more insidious Vampiric motivations. Aided by ex-KGB Colonel Anastasia Natalia Komananov (a Red Court since the late 60’s), Security for the mansion is quite strong and has repelled the efforts of the FBI, DEA, and NYPD, as well as the more mystical methods of the White Council and The Agency.

Reynaldo’s chosen successor and Spokesperson for the Family, Roberta Escobado, carries on with the more…charitable and social activities of the family, hiding their dark acts, behind charities and outreach, much like her flesh mask hides her true monstrous nature.

It should be noted that Reynaldo’s Chief of Security, Komananov, and Roberta do not get along and many expect the Russian vampire to be ousted or eliminated, when Roberta’s ascension occurs.

Escobado Mansion

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