Fort Apache


Locations – Bronx
Fort Apache – 41st Precinct House

The Idea: Fort Apache, The Bronx
The Aspect: Where Cop Careers Go To Die
The Face(s): John Murphy (25 Year Veteran, Precinct Captain)
The 41st Precinct, known as Fort Apache, is the precinct where the NYPD dumps those officers who are not expected to have careers much longer – either due to age, political complications, or sheer incompetency. Captain John Murphy has been stationed in Fort Apache for the last 25 years, starting as a patrolman and working his way up through Detective to eventual captain, against all odds. In the late 70s, Murphy fell afoul of important members of the Koch Government and then was an unwilling participant in the live fire incident during the Pelham 123 incident (he was blamed as the officer who opened fire on the train, almost costing the lives of all hostages aboard). This got him sent to Fort Apache.

During the 70s and 80s, the South Bronx was a gang infested cesspool, with only Yankee Stadium bringing in any revenue. Burnt down buildings stood on vacant lots, and crime was rampant. Despair filled the air, and creatures of darkness fed upon this despair, and the people trapped within the South Bronx. Murphy used this to his advantage, first rallying his fellow officers, and then the people within the Bronx, to clean up the area. Unknown to Murphy or anyone else, this effort has been subtly aided by the Summer Lady (both Aurora and her successor, Lilly).

Fort Apache is still where those officers no one else in the NYPD wants go, but thanks to Captain Murphy, usually those careers are repaired and excellent officers emerge.

Fort Apache

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