Golden Dragon


Locations – Queens
Golden Dragon Asian Cuisine

The Idea: Oriental Restaurant Run by Knight of the Word and Slayer
The Aspect: Good Food, Good Eats, Monsters beware
The Face(s): James Hoshino (Watcher/Ninja/Manager)
The Golden Dragon is co-owned by Jenny Chang, Knight of the Word, and her lover, Hope Wolfrunner, a Slayer. The Restaurant is famous for it’s Asian Cuisine, with people coming from all over to eat there. Rarely are Jenny and/or Hope on site, as their otherworldly duties require them to travel all over the City, the Four Star restaurant is run by James Hoshino, who happens to be both a trained Japanese Ninja, and Hope’s assigned Watcher.

Jenny, Hope, and James live in the lavish apartments above the successful restaurant. Beneath the feet of the diners and cooks however, rests an intricate maze of training rooms, libraries, and laboratories, all defended by magical wards and mechanical traps of James’ design. All three use the training areas, while Jenny and James tend to use the Libraries and Labs.

Golden Dragon

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