Little Italy


Locations – Bronx
Little Italy

The Idea: Italy in New York
The Aspect: Evil Bubbling Below the Surface
The Face(s): Vito Guccione
Little Italy is famous for its bountiful Italian Restaurants, shops, and deli’s. People come from all over to partake in it’s food and atmosphere. This old-world Italian restaurant row is packed with fresh bread, cured meats, espresso and pizza pies. Even the Belmont Public Library stands out as uniquely Italian—it contains the Enrico Fermi Cultural Center, a sort of mini-museum of Italian-American heritage. Arthur Avenue’s close-knit feel and character endure because many residents and their families have lived here for years.

However, beneath the allure of the tourism and food, lurks the powerbase of Lucky Lucciano and the spectre of the once powerful Corleone Family. Little Italy is home to many of Lucciano’s operatives, and they are usually protected by those who live here. The locals see Lucciano as their protector, which in a way he has been. As the decay that was the South Bronx was cleaned up, the evil (both mortal and supernatural) that lived there tried to migrate into Little Italy. It was met with the sheer power of Lucciano’s men and stopped.

As Lucky’s representative to the populace, Vito Guccione is respected, feared, and liked. He is a hard man, and known for making offers one cannot refuse. What is not known is he is in fact Vito Corleone, father of Michael, the current Don of the Corleone Family. Vito is immortal,having made a deal with a Jann. For reason’s known only to himself, and with Lucky’s help, faked his death and took up his current position as Lucciano’s Lieutenant.

Little Italy

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